ProPropertyNewsKarachi Govt Plans to Shift Heavy Traffic Onto Lyari Expressway

Karachi Govt Plans to Shift Heavy Traffic Onto Lyari Expressway

KARACHI: The Local Government has planned to move the heavy traffic to the Lyari Expressway to avoid traffic congestion.

According to the City Administrator, Murtaza Wahab, the heavy traffic traveling along the roads within the city has been causing traffic bottlenecks. Therefore, the infrastructure will be upgraded to improve the traffic flow.

While meeting with the President of Karachi Goods and Carrier Association, Noor Khan Niazi, the Administrator disclosed that the government would soon acquire 1,000 acres of land near Northern Bypass, which would be used as a truck stand, keeping them away from the city.

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He added that the trucks often parked in the city resulted in traffic jams; therefore, this step would aid in solving this issue.

It is pertinent to mention that the trucks also threaten life as they are always filled with extremely flammable substances, like fuel, etc. Thus, the government has decided to keep them parked outside the main city.

The city administration also shared that the government along with the traders will work to make the city liveable and risk-free and will also welcome any suggestions to improve the development efforts.


    1. This will create chaos at already affected maripur road. Who will control this heavy vehicles traffic? Accidents will increase. All these heavy vehicles cam be stopped by law enforcing agencies at any cost easily but due to bribe they enter into coty area.
      So mr murtaza wahab control police rather then shifting heavy traffic to LEW. Dont know who gives these stupid ideas.

      1. Karachi has become unmanageable not a single plan would work for it aek Road hay jispay gari 80 ki speed pe chal sakti hay or khaddon ka dar nahi hota ab iski bhi MBA ho Jay gi

      2. Yes brother you are right. I totally agree with you. LEW is only free and fastest route away from the city rush, it must be keep away from the heavy trucks.
        Allah SWT may give Hidayat to Sindh government Ameen.

      3. It is very common to take bribe just two day back I was going to school to drop my children in school one traffic constable stopped my car saying that I didn’t put a car seat belt so you have fine I told him I am in a hurry you can keep my documents while I will be back I will pay my fine he repeated saying that it’s matter of 5 minutes I told him I m already late so please let me go and my NIC original with you but he didn’t agree when I say keep the money and NIC togather he kept the money and returned my NIC good job Terrific police

      1. In this regard there is a Big No….no…no….no, from my side..neither trucks nor motorcycles. are affordable on LEW, Pls.

    2. Just bother to karachiites … not a single road in the entire city is up to the mark… patches and patches… or bumpy roads 😩

    3. Another disaster – what about northern bypass why not using it?? after trying to create Red Line Bus route on University Road which is already overloaded bcoz of too much traffic and they occupy two lanes for a bus which might come after every 15 minutes. (Gajjni Bus)

    4. Murtaza wahab first repair the affected roads which was damaged by rains and you and your group, don’t have the ability to do this job, even the shaheed millat expressway, so far.
      Mustafa wahab do it as soon as possible please, enough is enough. Thanks

    5. Deadwood Sindh govt. They break and repair only. No new road developed since 1947. Cars are imported, locals but roads are the same. Karachi needs elevated roads to distribute traffic. Not to repair the same old roads, making public fool. Budget goes to Dubai.

  1. Should have happened 13/14 years back when Musharraf gifted this liyari express way project. Corrupt interior Sind government is always time wasting

    1. Lyari Express was made for heavy traffic on mind only.
      The contracts stated that the ware-n-tear was to be managed by the contractors as a guarantee to maintain quality.
      So for that many years only light traffic was allowed on it.
      Now government is to foot the bill for all the damage.
      Hence opening track for heavy traffic.

    1. Asa Akram Sb,
      I can suggest few ideas, with the help of those, traffic also go smoothly and in addition to this, our Govt. Will generate revenue also.


  2. Which new land he is acquiring for Truck Stand.
    A land is already allocated for Truck Stand near Northern Bypass before the tenure of Qaim Ali Shah and talks are coming since then that due to unavailability of facilities truck owners are no interested and govt. gives lollipop since then to public that facilities are underway and Truck Stand never shifted.

  3. Assalamualaikum
    I request that some work should also be done on the motorcycle rider. Motorcyclists drive in such a wrong way and come in the middle and because of them, many accidents also happen.
    All the traffic is stopped at the signal, but the motorcyclists break the signal and go ahead, due to which the oncoming traffic is blocked. It is requested that some work should be done on them as well

    1. Motor cylist and rikshahw should be immediately transfer to sky or clouds cause they r major evils those causing life threats / severe traffic violations wrong drive are their motto
      If these both transportation ways get corrected and right away God promise our traffic will not stuck at all
      And then after those rascals who drive cars rashly n un necessarily wrong
      They must be hang on roads

    2. Motorcycle riders do not respect any law. They reach home safe because other vehicle drivers control their vehicles otherwise bikers do not leave a room to. Die

  4. Sir,
    The Lyari river originates from the very center of Karachi city so leave the sea water in it and divide it on both sides and sail in it like other countries.This will reduce the weight of public transport,people will also get employment and this will also increase the beauty and tourism of the city.

  5. This is great that the city administration start taking interest to improve the quality of life for Karachiest. Well after traveling so many countries of the world this is my firm impression until and unless if you don’t improve the infrastructure of the city and providing the basic living facilities you cannot improve the quality of life of people and at the same time you cannot generate enough revenue and taxes from people. I strongly believe when the people are happy and they know they are paying taxes for their own good the never cut a single penny to pay.
    Water, light, cleanliness and Roads are the primary responsibility of city administration they need to focus on these articles and at the same time law and order equality of law for every one is another think that they need to follow.

  6. Not useful idea Barr heavey traffic to their hours, but corrupt traffic policing system will not make this happen, guess the express way is not designed to take load of heavy vehicles, this might result into destruction of express way bridges that are constructed on dampen soils of liyari sewage riverine.

  7. The Best Option and Idea is To Shift All Truck Stands To Away From City Area and Near To Super High Way, because Shifting these bull shit Traffic on Liyari Express will Effect More and Make Many Accident Near and Away to Plzz Shift it As Soon as Possible Dear Mr. Wahab Murtaza
    But After All I Appreciate Your Ideas and Thinking’s
    Great Man
    Keep it Up Sir Ji 🙂
    Your Well Wisher

  8. First of all our Traffic Police should stop wrong side traveling of Cars & Bikes on every roads of the city, causing problem to the law abiding citizens.

  9. In my openion heavy traffic should be routed via Northern bypass which was purely developed for this purpose this will avoid all traffic problems in metropolitan city which is already over papolated

  10. This would be most wrong decision if it is be implemented cause lyari express is the only feasible and easy way out for the few No of karachiets otherwise this is terrible to drive on normal roads of city
    It’s seems rascals and donkeys / Ass holes comes on these roads

    Allah safe us from these habitual wrong doers

    And the most incompetent and sluggish Sindh administration must not do such unfavorable things which are not beneficial to public of karachi

  11. Assalam o alaikum dear all Pakistani actually law of heavy vehicle in city is prohibitted to heavy vehicles drives in city at day time and can drive in mid night but not at all cause this one solution is not enough for all problems cause industrial areas are always constructed away from city and the main cause of accidents are different but in majority the main fault is damage roads cause by any reason but in this main reason is drainage system well I am also a civil engineer and as my field worker never ever start construction on any project without drainage plain first to know about the darinage which cause every field disturbance and un balancing the survival points of humanity including all leaving thing thanks alot

    1. Traffic jam is caused mainly because of the inefficiency of the traffic police and it is because of;
      1. Encroachments in the city,
      2. Minibuses which stops in the middle of the roads at their discretion to pick and drop pessanger,
      3. Reckless driving of chinkis, rickshaws and motorcycles

      Lyari express way doesn’t have the capacity nor the structure in place to cater heavy traffic aby any means

      Please be afraid of Allah as you all will be answerable soon in front of Him. Karachiites already curse you because you have made our lives miserable

  12. Seriously stupid decision taken by Sindh Government.Because you see how these heavy trollers are driven by them on maripur road.Secondly if trollers met with accident with any car or vehicle whole express way will be suffered.So please I request take back this weirdo decision.

  13. السلام وعلیکم
    خدا کے لئیے اردو میں لکھا کیجئے تاکہ عام عوام بھی سمجھ سکے
    ،اگر تو یہ اطلاع ہے عوام الناس کیلئے تو آپ کو یہ علم ہونا چاہئیے کہ ہماری عوام اردو اچھے سے سمجھتی ہے ،اپ سے التجاہ ہے کو لوگون کو آسان الفاط مین سمجھائین تاکہ وہ اپنی رائے بھی دے سکیں

    1. Not a welcoming idea.
      1. Does LEWs infrastructure support HTVs? I doubt!!
      2. LEW is already getting flooded with bikers, mazdas etc… And is the only possible way to commute long distances avoiding huge traffic bottlenecks.
      3. A ring road similar to the one in Lahore may provide a solution to Karachi’s increasing traffic congestion.
      4. BRTs and buses are some outdated modes of transportation. Better to adapt / implement monorails (the ones used in Malaysia and Dubai) which can provide better ways of commute even to the people travelling to their offices.

  14. Murtaza wahab first repair the affected roads which was damaged by rains and you and your group, don’t have the ability to do this job, even the shaheed millat expressway, so far.
    Mustafa wahab do it as soon as possible please, enough is enough. Thanks

  15. Lyari Express way design not good enough for heavy traffic high role over and accident expected.
    There are down/up hills,
    Side slope are high.
    Side slop Curves at express also hazard.

  16. Do anything at any cost to stop wrong way and red signal jump. Driving license must be with everyone and driving license doesn’t mean a piece of paper but to educate how to drive, how to take exit, I mean why we have a driver’s license if we don’t know anything about road. Stop play with my city please.

  17. It is the worst idea !!!!
    People who are daily stuck in Shahrah e faisal will now be more in affected . Traffic from tower devides but when liyari express way is used for heavy traffic there will be no alternate..
    I dont know why they are planning this …

  18. Already loading Suzukis are using layari express way nowadays the motor way police is charging them some fine and then allowed them to travel on LEW which is already creating a problem for smooth traveling the people’s are paying just for the comfort and peace of mind so it is not the good suggestion to start heavy traffic on LEW

  19. Why not shift to karachi by pass road,a port city has no plan no specific road to manage heavy traffic.
    Layari way is only best way to reach office on time.
    It can be used from 11 pm to 7 am but
    as usual if a single big trollers stuck it will take hours to return back for normal traffic

  20. It will be kindness on citizens of Karachi. Please take all necessary actions by allocating Liyari Expressway only for Heavy Traffic.

  21. It would be far better if you people extend green line all over the city so that we quit on our vehicles thus noice and air pollution get reduce.
    Kindly think about the people and try to utilize the things properly

  22. For your kind information Liyari expressway was built for heavy traffic it was your guys policy to shift heavy traffic in the city just for traffic police Robbery and your undertable income

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