ProPropertyNewsKarachi Mayor Announces Crackdown on Water Thieves

Karachi Mayor Announces Crackdown on Water Thieves

KARACHI: Karachi Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab, also the Chairman of Karachi Water & Sewerage Corporation (KWSC), has declared the issuance of 32 subsoil licenses to supply water to industrial establishments.

During a press conference at the KWSC headquarters, Wahab affirmed an ongoing crackdown against water thieves across the city and vowed that all illegal hydrants would be demolished and illegal connections disconnected.

Wahab stressed the KWSC’s commitment to equitably distributing available water despite a citywide shortage.

He also addressed concerns about the water mafia, emphasizing efforts to ensure fair water distribution and prevent water theft.

The mayor outlined plans to address waste management, water supply, and drainage issues, promising swift implementation.

He noted that efforts were underway to increase water supply from the Hub Dam and Keenjhar Lake, and he provided updates on the progress of the K-IV project.

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Moreover, Wahab expressed disappointment over the delay in the K-IV project caused by previous government actions, stressing its importance to Karachi. He reported progress in the crackdown on water thieves, including FIR registrations, arrests, and improved water supply in multiple areas.

Furthermore, a new law has been approved to empower the KWSC to protect its water lines. It introduces penalties and fines for operators of illegal hydrants and establishes a special court for water cases.

The mayor also called for the court’s operationalization to expedite actions against water theft.

Regarding industrial water supply, subsoil licenses have been issued to entities with an income of Rs. 50 million, with plans to meter water usage at government hydrants. Additionally, efforts are underway to treat industrial wastewater, benefiting Landhi and Korangi industries.

Wahab urged institutions and residents to settle their dues, highlighting pension liabilities and the KWSC’s monthly income. He underscored the importance of cooperation in addressing water-related challenges.

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