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KP’s RTS Commission Solves Public Grievances

PESHAWAR: On Thursday, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to Public Services (RTS) Commission addressed 4 public complaints.

As per the details, the complaints were considered by a panel that included Chief Commissioner Mohammad Saleem Khan and Commissioner Judge Mohammad Asim Imam.

The sources told that Sajidullah, a resident of District Chitral, complained that a community with 30 houses was without access to safe drinking water.

The commission instructed the District Monitoring Officer (DMO) Upper Chitral to visit the area in question with the pertinent Sub-Division Officer (SDO) and to tell the commission via pictures and maps of the locations from where the community may get the facility.

Furthermore, the commission instructed Chitral’s Public Engineering Department to provide water to the community in response to the DMO’s report, which was considered by the commission.

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Besides, another resident Saeed Ali Mehdi, said that 34 pieces of priceless equipment had been stolen away from various locations while he was working for several telecommunication firms in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He said that without the FIR, the insurance companies would not pay any compensation and that the police were not registering FIR.

The complaint instructed the commission to check the contract that the landowners and the insurance company had signed.

Additionally, to address the problem at the policy level, it also sent a letter to the KP police chief.

The third complaint was related to determining the property boundary line, and the procedure was carried out by the commission’s instructions.

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