ProPropertyNewsLahore Authorities Investigate 31 Illegal Constructions for Building Bylaw Violations

Lahore Authorities Investigate 31 Illegal Constructions for Building Bylaw Violations

LAHORE: A recent report from the Punjab Local Government Board (PLGB) has exposed a surge in illegal constructions and violations of building bylaws in Lahore’s Ravi and Gulberg Towns.

The PLGB secretary, Rizwan Nazir, has called upon the Directorate General of the Local Government and Community Development (LG & CD) Department to investigate this matter.

Documents available indicate that these violations encompass multiple offenses, such as unauthorized construction without approval of commercial building plans, lack of approval for commercialization by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), absence of parking provisions, non-compoundable offenses, and alleged collusion between Building Inspectors and Zonal Officers (Planning).

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In a letter (PS/SLGB-1/2023) dated September 18, 2023, Secretary Rizwan Nazir identified 29 illegal constructions in Ravi Town and two in Gulberg Town.

He requested the DG (I&M) to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations and provide a report within 15 days.

The letter stated that there were reports of significant violations and allegations related to these under-construction buildings in Ravi Town.

Some of the identified illegal constructions in Ravi Town include commercial buildings, plazas, and residential structures at various locations.

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Additionally, the letter mentioned a triple-story commercial building on Ferozepur Road in Gulberg, constructed without a submitted building plan in the Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL) residential area.

Furthermore, the allegations of non-payment of commercialization fees and building plan fines were raised.

Besides, the PLGB secretary also alleged the involvement of the Zonal Officer (Planning), Gulberg Zone, MCL, in these illegal constructions.

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