ProPropertyNewsLahore Police Achieves Significant Milestones in Tenant Registration System

Lahore Police Achieves Significant Milestones in Tenant Registration System

LAHORE: The Lahore Police in Pakistan has reported enrolling over 174,000 tenants under its Tenant Registration System (TRS) since the beginning of the year.

The police released a report detailing the progress made under the TRS, as well as the Registration of Private Employees (ROPE) and Smart Eye software applications.

According to the report, the police also registered over 5,000 private employees under the TRS this year. The Smart Eye software helped the police arrest over 500 proclaimed, targeted offenders, and court absconders.

The police also conducted checks on 2,225 establishments, including hotels, guest houses, hostels, and factories, this year.

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The report further stated that during the checking process, the police arrested 2,671 suspects and recovered 340 stolen vehicles.

The Smart Eye software played a significant role in tracing a large number of proclaimed offenders, with over 300,000 people checked through the system.

The Lahore Police has been working tirelessly to strengthen its security apparatus through various initiatives. The TRS is one such initiative that aims to improve the safety and security of residents by regulating the process of tenant registration.

The ROPE application was also introduced to register and monitor the activities of private employees working in Lahore.

The Lahore Police has stated that it will continue to work towards enhancing the safety and security of residents and will continue to leverage technology and innovative solutions to achieve its goals.


  1. Its about time that Pakistan police starts using technology for the betterment of the citizens. Other provinces should also follow this. But cyber security must be a priority as there would be sensitive data available to hackers.

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