ProPropertyNewsLDA Begins Operation Against 8 Illegal Housing Schemes

LDA Begins Operation Against 8 Illegal Housing Schemes

LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) carried out an operation and demolished the buildings in the provincial capital’s 8 unlawful housing societies.

As per the details, A&M Homes, Palm Villas, Ehsaas Villas, Maraka Marketing, and Punjab Estate were the targets of a large operation, while the action was taken against Mohalinwal Nagar, Bismillah Associates, and an unlawful land subdivision next to Greenview.

Additional information indicates that during the operation, offices, roadways, boundary walls, and other buildings associated with the aforementioned unlawful housing plans were also demolished.

Furthermore, sources in LDA revealed that all of the unlawful housing societies had been scamming the public for more than two years.

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The action against these societies “should have been launched only when these illicit initiatives were initiated, principally and legitimately,” they said.

However, because of the LDA staff’s complicity, the operation was delayed for a long time.

The people on the site stated that this was nothing new, yet it was how housing societies operate, and these unlawful groups would reactivate in the market and set up new offices within a few days.

The genuine solution is not to actually destroy their offices and launch massive operations against them, but rather prevent these societies from operating again.

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