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LDA DG Sets Targets for Housing Wing Directors

LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) held a performance review meeting of the Housing Wing, where LDA Director General/Commissioner Lahore Muhammad Ali Randhawa addressed the participants.

The details suggest that he stressed the need to enhance coordination among different directorates within the Housing Wing.

During the meeting, Randhawa assigned specific targets to the directors of the Housing Wing, urging them to take concrete steps to improve their performance.

He also emphasized that prompt resolution of public issues was crucial and any delays would not be tolerated.

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Enhancing service delivery and providing relief to citizens were highlighted as top priorities by the LDA DG.

Randhawa also warned that pending cases related to the One Window system would not be accepted under any circumstances.

Furthermore, Randhawa emphasized the importance of improving response times in the One Window Cell and announced that the individual performance of officers would be closely monitored.

The meeting was attended by Additional DG Housing Syed Munawar Bukhari, Director Housing Moazzam Rasheed, Ahmed Faraz, Zafar Iqbal, and Waseem Zafar.

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