ProPropertyNewsLDA Launches Operation to Clear 9 Major Roads of Encroachments

LDA Launches Operation to Clear 9 Major Roads of Encroachments

LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has initiated a massive operation to make nine major roads in Lahore encroachment-free.

As part of the operation, several premises, including banks and food points, have been sealed in Johar Town.

Teams from the LDA, with the assistance of the police, also removed extended shades and floors and confiscated moveable items such as tables, chairs, boards, and tents.

Before the start of the anti-encroachment operation, letters were sent to the Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning Agency and the Lahore Parking Company to end on-street parking, which was prohibited by the Lahore High Court (LHC) due to its contribution to traffic congestion.

A writ petition was filed by a citizen in the LHC against the increase in smog, pollution, and other urban issues affecting public health.

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The petitioner requested a solution under the constitution and asked the LHC to direct LDA and other civic agencies to take action.

The anti-encroachment operation was prompted by an order from the Lahore High Court in response to a petition seeking measures to control pollution and smog.

The first phase will focus on making Abdul Haq Road and Iqbal Town’s main boulevard model roads, and the remaining seven major roads will be cleared of obstacles in phase 2.

The action will include the demolition of encroachments, sealing of premises, disconnection of utility services, fines, and lodging of FIRs against those responsible for contributing to pollution and smog.

The nine roads that are set to become model roads/areas include Zahoor Elahi Road and Hali Road in Gulberg, main road starting from Wahdat Road in Mustafa Town, main road starting from Link Canal Road in Jubilee Town.

Other roads include main road starting from Jail Road in LDA Avenue-1, Kalma Chowk to Faisal Town in Garden Town, Khokhar Chowk to Hamdard Chowk in Township, Doctors Hospital to Expo center via Khokhar Chowk in Johar Town, and Bhekaywal Morr to Scheme Morr via Dubai Chowk in Allama Iqbal Town.


  1. شاہدرہ بھی لاہور کا حصہ ہے براے مہربانی اس کو بھی کلیر کروائیں

  2. توانائی کا تحفظ، قومی ذمہ داری-
    گیس کے بل میں٪30 کمی کیلئے گیزر پر ٹائمر ڈیوائس لگائیں ۔ توانائی (گیس،بجلی اور پٹرول) کی بچت کی رہنمائی کیلئے ویب سائٹ ویزٹ کریں۔

  3. Shahdara more all side road plz.clean
    So durty road and outside road staal plz.plz.plz clean. And main G T road sharada bazar road clear so lot off staal romve .. As soon as possible.
    And sui.gaas not all time available plz set compalin

    1. Here in mughalpura lahore , near laalpul railway lines some of people illegally doing drugs sales they are also frightening people by snatching mobiles and money most of the time at night. I request you to please take an action because the police officer who are allocated as guard is also include in all these Shit.

  4. Sir, please canal road including the zaman park area is much more affected, please khan saab sy hm saab mafi mangty hn, haim jeeny dy, aur canal road blocking tu open ker dy,

  5. Town ship market and link road required encroachment specially chimchi rickshaw parking area in town ship market.

  6. A lot of encroachments are on the GT Road from cooperative store to Darogawala special in singhpura, UET and baghbanpura. Pl take immediate remedial measures to save the public from the Maafiad.

  7. چار دن کی چاندنی پھر اندھیری رات۔
    LDA والے خود سوئے ھوئے ھیں۔ پٹیشن کے بغیر کام نہیں کر سکتے۔

  8. There is full of encroachment on Shalimar Link Road (alongwith Shah Kamal Road) which is also the part of Lahore.

  9. LDA is partner in crime of illegal commercial buildings in residential areas and other such enthronements.

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