ProPropertyNewsLDA Makes Rooftop Gardening Mandatory for Commercial and Other Buildings

LDA Makes Rooftop Gardening Mandatory for Commercial and Other Buildings

LAHORE: Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has introduced new regulations requiring citizens to engage in rooftop gardening to combat environmental pollution.

The initiative was made mandatory following directives from Commissioner Lahore and LDA DG Muhammad Ali Randhawa.

As per the details, the new regulations, which have been implemented in buildings under the jurisdiction of LDA, require that 50% of the building’s rooftop area be dedicated to gardening.

This amendment was made to LDA’s building and zoning regulations, superseding the previous 25% allocation.

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The Town Planning Department of LDA issued a public notice to inform citizens of the new regulations and encourage compliance.

Additionally, the Director General emphasized the importance of rooftop gardening in reducing environmental pollution, stating that citizens can plant flowers, vegetables, and greenery on the rooftops of their commercial and other buildings.

The regulations will be enforced within 15 days, and non-compliant individuals or entities will face the consequences.

Notably, the LDA is committed to promoting environmentally friendly practices, and this initiative is a step in the right direction toward achieving this goal.


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