ProPropertyNewsLDA Plans to Develop 3 Miyawaki Forests to Counter Smog

LDA Plans to Develop 3 Miyawaki Forests to Counter Smog

LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has planned to develop three Miyawaki Forests across the city.

The Miyawaki forests will aid in countering smog that has been causing serious health issues.

A number of offices in Lahore have offered work from home to their employees in order to keep them safe.

According to the details, the forests will be developed in the housing societies that fall under the jurisdiction of LDA and the authority has already allocated PKR 90.69 million for this environment-friendly project.

Following are the planned sites where the Miyawaki Forests are to be developed.

  • LDA Avenue-1 K and D Blocks
  • Jubilee Town Block-C
  • Mohalanwal Scheme Block-C

The planning process is expected to start on 21st November and will last one month.

It is important to mention that the LDA plans to develop a total of 27 Miyawaki forests which will also be developed soon.

Earlier, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) also shared its plan that was to develop the world’s largest Urban Miyawaki Forest in Islamabad.

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