ProPropertyNewsLDA’s Grand Crackdown: Illegal Properties Demolished and Sealed in Lahore

LDA’s Grand Crackdown: Illegal Properties Demolished and Sealed in Lahore

LAHORE: In a significant operation targeting illegal constructions and commercial buildings, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) teams carried out a thorough demolition and sealing of properties in Lahore.

The operation was executed on the directives of Lahore’s Commissioner and LDA’s Director General, Muhammad Ali Randhawa.

Under the leadership of Additional DG Housing, Captain (Retd) Shahmir Iqbal, Housing VII staff spearheaded the operation, removing encroachments from over 100 shops and properties spanning from Shadiwal Chowk to Khokhar Chowk.

During this extensive operation, stands, stalls and temporary or permanent structures erected in front of shops were demolished.

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The affected structures included private banks, commercial stores, grocery centers, salons, and food points that had been operating on the main roads from Shadiwal Chowk to Khokhar Chowk for an extended period.

Furthermore, LDA Town Planning VII and IV staff sealed more than 40 properties near BOR Society in Johar Town and Ferozepur Road due to their involvement in illegal commercial activities.

Besides, under-construction buildings along Defence Road and Ferozepur Road were also sealed for unauthorized commercial use.

The details suggest that these properties had been illegally utilized for commercial purposes despite receiving multiple prior notices.

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