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Local Govt Funding Ban Stalls Road Maintenance in Karachi

KARACHI: The contractors responsible for the repair and maintenance of roads, streets, and civic infrastructure in Karachi have ceased their work due to a ban on payments imposed by the local government department.

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and seven District Municipal Corporations have been affected by the ban, which covers all types of expenditures in local councils across the province.

The ban announced through a notification on May 30, has prompted contractors to halt repair and maintenance activities on roads, flyovers, and underpasses.

Furthermore, the payments to contractors under the provincial Annual Development Programme and district ADPs are now postponed until the end of August or early September.

Contractors have expressed their frustration, with some abandoning ongoing projects due to non-payment for work already completed.

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The Karachi Contractors Association (KCA) has called for an extension of the last date for ADP bills until June 28, allowing contractors to continue their work.

Moreover, the KCA has emphasized the detrimental impact of the funding halt on the repair and maintenance of roads, streets, flyovers, and underpasses throughout the city, causing inconvenience for the public.

As per the details, the situation has resulted in over 200 schemes related to road repair, maintenance, and pavement work coming to a standstill.

Numerous internal roads in different localities of Karachi are in a deteriorated state and require immediate attention before the approaching monsoon season.

Additionally, pending schemes include drainage and sewerage works in various parts of the city.

Besides, the visible signs of dilapidated roads, leaking sewerage pipes, and drains highlight the urgent need for repair and maintenance efforts to resume promptly.

Source: DAWN


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