ProPropertyNewsLWMC Registers Cases Against Housing Societies for Illegal Dumping

LWMC Registers Cases Against Housing Societies for Illegal Dumping

LAHORE: The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has launched a vigorous operation to address the issue of littering and illegal dumping in the city.

During the operation, a total of 298 individuals, including shopkeepers and residents of housing societies, were challaned and fined a total of Rs. 1.45 million for their involvement in littering activities.

In addition to issuing fines, the LWMC has also registered cases against several housing societies for illegal dumping in May.

Following the directives of the Punjab government, the enforcement wing of the LWMC, under the supervision of CEO Babar Sahib Din, has been actively monitoring and cracking down on illegal waste dumping on roads throughout the city.

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During special operations conducted by the enforcement team, 298 shopkeepers and citizens were issued challans, and fines totaling Rs 450,000 were imposed for their involvement in littering.

Furthermore, FIRs have been filed against housing societies including State Life, Bankers Cooperative, Formanite, Ashiana Quaid, and Punjab Cooperative for their illegal dumping practices.

In the past month, the LWMC enforcement teams have conducted inspections at over 10,996 locations.

Besides, a total of 466 challans were issued for various violations, including littering, illegal dumping, and setting garbage on fire.

Furthermore, fines exceeding Rs. 10 lacs were imposed for violations of the Local Government Act, and more than 1,330 warning notices were issued for minor violations.

Source: The Nation

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