ProPropertyNewsMargalla Avenue Project’s Contractor Halts Work Over Financial Dispute

Margalla Avenue Project’s Contractor Halts Work Over Financial Dispute

ISLAMABAD: The construction work on the Margalla Avenue project has been halted once again due to unresolved issues.

The contractor has stopped working on the site as the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to settle a dispute with local landowners over access roads.

The physical progress of the project is 95% complete, except for a one-kilometer patch, but due to the dispute, the project’s inauguration, which was scheduled for March 2023, has been delayed.

It has been revealed that the local landowners near Shah Allah Ditta have been at odds with CDA over direct access from the main Margalla Avenue or a dedicated service road from the Shah Allah Ditta underpass.

The CDA’s Enforcement Directorate was assigned to clear this portion of land to resume construction work, but they were unable to do so due to the resistance of the locals.

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Furthermore, it has been disclosed that the contractor is hesitant to continue work on the project due to the outstanding financial liabilities owed to the civic authority.

CDA has been asked to pay the contractor before construction work can resume on the site.

It is important to note that the 10.4-kilometer-long Margalla Avenue road is being constructed by the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) at a cost of Rs 2 billion from GT Road to D-12.

According to the PC-I of the project, it was expected to be completed by June last year.

Initially, the road was planned to be two lanes, but the scope of work was later expanded to three lanes on each side, resulting in a six-month extension for the contractor, which expired on December 30.


  1. Normally, such hurdles are expected to be with part of the project but these should not be lingered. As early as possible, these must be resolved which finally converts inti the beauty of the project.

      1. Such a glorious icon is going to be added to our capital. Landlords are to sacrifice by getting due compensation for their land in meeting the great purpose.

        1. There is no glory in this project. Just a waste of resources and environment. This road will only benefit residents of sector B-17. The amount that is being spent along with the affect on the environment is terrible. Unfortunately, our people lack vision and long term planning. We don’t need long and wide roads everywhere contributing to further issues. We are only trying to treat symptoms and not the root causes.

  2. Well the dark side to hire this specific contractor is that it does what, when and how it wants to do, and no one can force this contractor

    1. It is only in favour of those living in taxila & B 17 and choosing to commute everyday for work and education to twin cities because petrol is cheap and in abundance in Pakistan

  3. Poor quality work, the contractor should be kicked out and BLACK LISTED ⚫️ throughout Pakistan.

  4. Bull Shit
    CDA has very recently auctioned Mega Sized Commercial Plots
    They have collected billions of PKR as usual 25% Down Payments
    Why is that money NOT BEING Utilised to settle the ancestral land owners

    Normally anyone who had a dealing with the institution, pays a Tribute like
    Curr option Development Authority

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