ProPropertyNewsMetropolitan Corporation to Conduct Traffic Survey in Rawalpindi

Metropolitan Corporation to Conduct Traffic Survey in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation (RMC) will develop a plan to carry out a traffic study of the various entry and departure points of the garrison metropolis to gauge the amount of traffic on the roadways for a new master plan.

According to a top RMC official, Mott Macdonald Pakistan Private Ltd was given the contract for the land use plan of the Rawalpindi tehsil by the Punjab Local Government and Community Development Department.

According to him, traffic management and transportation studies would play a crucial role in the master plan.

The firm needed to conduct traffic surveys at various entry and exit points as well as other intersections within the garrison city to learn more about the volume of traffic and the commuter patterns, he added.

The traffic police, Regional Transport Authority, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), Mass Transport Authority, district council, and RMC officials had been called to a meeting for a detailed working plan to be finalized on February 3.

Furthermore, the official claimed that after the master plan, the city would be split into zones for industry, commercial, residential, and green spaces.

He stated that following the surveys, the firm would offer road improvement, commercialization, and other uplift ideas.

The master plan’s primary goal, according to RDA officials, was to identify the areas in 2 tehsils of the district to set aside for industry, commercial, housing developments, and educational purposes.

In the initial stage, RDA developed a plan for two tehsils, including Gujar Khan and Kallar Syedan, after the approval of whiich a plan for Taxila and Kahuta would be made within the next month.

According to him, the local government hired the same consultant to create a master plan for the 5th tehsil of Rawalpindi.


  1. No time line has been mentioned here as till what time this master plan will be finalised and implemented. Till then we are stuck with narrow roads, overwhelming traffic, crowded markets and ever rising pollution.

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