ProPropertyNewsMinister Stresses on Construction Quality in Warsak Canal System Project

Minister Stresses on Construction Quality in Warsak Canal System Project

PESHAWAR: The Caretaker Provincial Minister for Irrigation, Haji Fazl Elahi, has announced the initiation of the “Remodeling of Warsak Canal System Project,” which aims to irrigate thousands of acres of land in Peshawar and Nowshera.

The project is expected to significantly increase the water flow by approximately 750 cusecs.

Minister Elahi expressed these sentiments while chairing a meeting at the project directorate, where he received a detailed briefing from the Project Director Remodeling of Warsak Canal System, Rooh ul Mohsin.

During the briefing, the project director informed that the current water flow from Warsak Dam stands at 500 cusecs, and this capacity will be enhanced to 1250 cusecs upon completion of the scheme.

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The minister was also updated on the construction progress, development challenges, and other relevant statistics related to the project’s efficiency, cost, expenses, and difficulties faced.

Minister Elahi commended the work of the project directorate and emphasized the crucial role of dams in the agricultural and overall development of any country.

Moreover, he also highlighted that the agriculture sector often suffers due to inadequate irrigation systems. Notably, a significant portion of Peshawar and Nowshera relies on irrigation from Warsak Dam.

The minister stressed that the construction quality should not be compromised in any way.

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