ProPropertyNewsNA Committee Engages CDA to Find Solutions for Encroachment Issue in Islamabad

NA Committee Engages CDA to Find Solutions for Encroachment Issue in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: A parliamentary panel convened on Wednesday to discuss the persistent encroachment issue in Islamabad.

Chaired by Ahmed Hussain Deharr, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior took up the matter and decided to engage with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) through the Ministry of Interior for further deliberation.

The committee’s meeting revolved around a Calling Attention Notice brought forward by Member of National Assembly (MNA) Asiya Azeem, focusing on the sale and lease of commercial buildings being utilized for residential purposes without completion certificates and the prevalence of encroachments.

During the extensive discussions, committee members expressed concerns over the widespread encroachment in various markets and commercial centers throughout Islamabad.

While sporadic operations conducted by the CDA’s enforcement wing have aimed to address the issue, they have proven to be temporary and ineffective solutions.

Additionally, many high-rise and apartment buildings in the city have been operating without obtaining proper completion certificates.

Completion certificates issued by the CDA upon the successful completion of a building have been overlooked by many building owners due to violations of layout plans.

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This disregard for the certification process has further compounded the encroachment problem in the city.

Recognizing the urgency of the matter, the committee resolved to engage with the CDA management through the Ministry of Interior.

By seeking the cooperation and expertise of the CDA, the parliamentary panel aims to find a lasting solution to the encroachment issue and ensure the proper regulation of commercial buildings being used for residential purposes.

In addition to the encroachment matter, the committee also addressed concerns raised by MNA Aliya Kamran regarding rainwater leakage from the roofs and walls of Parliament Lodges.

The committee directed the CDA to promptly resolve the issue and report its progress to the committee.

During the meeting, the committee also seized the opportunity to discuss several legislative bills, underscoring the importance of ongoing legislative efforts in addressing pertinent issues related to Islamabad’s development and governance.

The parliamentary panel’s proactive approach to tackling the encroachment problem and engaging with relevant authorities signifies a commitment to improving Islamabad’s living conditions and infrastructure.

It is hoped that the collaborative efforts of the committee, CDA, and Ministry of Interior will lead to effective solutions and long-term measures to mitigate encroachment and uphold proper building regulations in the capital city.

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