ProPropertyNewsNA Committee Urges CDA to Expedite Sector E-12 Development

NA Committee Urges CDA to Expedite Sector E-12 Development

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Government Assurance has expressed concern over the slow pace of development in the E-12 Sector of Islamabad.

The committee has directed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to speed up the development work and take action against the land mafia and land grabbers.

During the meeting held at the Parliament House on Monday, the committee, chaired by MNA Muhammad Afzal Khokhar, also expressed displeasure over the poor performance of the CDA in maintaining and cleaning the Parliament Lodges.

As per the details, the committee discussed issues related to the development and possession of Sector E-12 plots, which had been fully paid for by allottees.

However, the CDA has not yet allotted these plots to the rightful owners despite the payment being made over 35 years ago.

CDA officials shared that the development work started in Sector E-12 in 2020, but the encroachment mafia has illegally occupied most of the land in the sector and is hindering the development work.

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The committee questioned why the contract was given for the development of the sector when the land was already occupied by the mafia.

They suggested that CDA officers may be colluding with illegal occupants to revise the development plan and award contracts at higher prices, harming the interests of the people.

In response, the committee directed CDA to complete the development work of Sector E-12 as soon as possible and hand over the plots to the rightful owners.

The committee was also informed that some employees of the police, PTV, and Radio Pakistan, as well as other institutions, had not yet been paid the honorarium of the budget 2022-23 for their duties during the budget session of the National Assembly.

Additionally, the committee chairman constituted a four-member sub-committee led by MNA Syed Javed Hasnain to review the CDA’s performance, particularly in maintaining and cleaning Parliament Lodges and to ensure the payment of honorarium to employees.

It was shared that the sub-committee will include MNAs Syed Javed Ali Shah, Shagufta Jumani, and Saira Bano.

Furthermore, the meeting was attended by various MNAs and senior civil officers from relevant ministries and institutions.

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