ProPropertyNewsNational Assembly Committee Takes Stock of Illegal Housing Societies in Islamabad

National Assembly Committee Takes Stock of Illegal Housing Societies in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Climate Change and Environmental Coordination discussed the issue of 111 illegal housing societies in Islamabad that have been established without following legal procedures.

According to sources, they also addressed concerns about environmental damage and sewage system issues in these societies.

Moreover, the absence of the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) was criticized, and the committee called for improved collaboration to tackle climate change and slum dwellers’ impact on the city.

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In addition, the committee also demanded action against those responsible for attacking the Director General of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

They also discussed the misuse of polythene bags and the environmental impact of restaurants in the Margalla Hills.

Besides, the committee emphasized the need for better coordination between the CDA, Human Rights Ministry, and relevant authorities.

The issue of Monal Restaurant’s sewage system affecting the Margalla Hills National Park was raised, and ongoing legal proceedings regarding the restaurant’s lease were also discussed.

Source: Daily Times

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