ProPropertyNewsOngoing Population and Housing Census to Aid in Planning and Development

Ongoing Population and Housing Census to Aid in Planning and Development

ISLAMABAD: The ongoing 7th Population and Housing Census, will gather information that will aid in planning and development.

This is the first time that the census has been conducted digitally in the country, with the process including the option for self-enumeration.

The self-enumeration portal was well-received by the public, with technical support being provided by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

During the listing phase, residential and economic units were geo-tagged, along with the classification of economic activities according to international standards.

Additionally, the final phase of the census, which involves collecting data on household members, demographic characteristics, and socioeconomic indicators, began on March 12 and will continue until April 4.

Legal identity numbers of Pakistanis will be captured in the census, but all people will be counted, even if they are unable to provide identification.

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The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) technical team is analyzing and assessing the data on a daily basis to ensure quality and progress, using post-enumeration surveys to ensure quality assurance.

PBS has also established Census Support Centers at both district and tehsil levels to provide technical assistance and facilitation of field staff.

Moreover, various measures have been taken to ensure transparency, including the provision of real-time monitoring dashboards and the establishment of a call center for assistance and suggestions.

However, certain quarters are spreading false and misleading information, and citizens are urged to rely on official sources of information.

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