ProPropertyNewsPAC Reveals Illegal Encroachment of Railway Land Worth Rs. 4.4 Billion

PAC Reveals Illegal Encroachment of Railway Land Worth Rs. 4.4 Billion

ISLAMABAD: The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has been informed that railway land worth Rs. 4.4 billion has been illegally encroached upon, with approximately 14,000 acres occupied without authorization.

In a meeting chaired by Noor Alam Khan, the PAC discussed the audit paras related to the Ministry of Railways for the financial year 2019-20.

Expressing concern over the allocation of railway land to housing societies, Chairman Noor Alam Khan emphasized the need for accountability.

He stated that any officer or individual, including ministers, involved in wrongful decisions will be held responsible for their actions.

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Khan also highlighted the encroachment of 138 acres of railway land in his city.

Taking immediate action, the PAC directed an operation to eradicate land encroachment, starting with Peshawar.

Additionally, the committee mandated that no officer should hold a position in the railways for more than three years, aiming to prevent any potential misuse of power or prolonged negligence.

During the meeting, PAC member Syed Tariq Hussain also drew attention to the longstanding issue of people occupying railway land without facing eviction.

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