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PHA’s Indoor Beautification Project ‘Phool Bootay’ Garners Success

RAWALPINDI: The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) Rawalpindi’s endeavor to improve the interiors of both modest and large homes in the city has been a success.

Following the city’s beautification, the PHA started the “Phool Bootay” initiative to decorate the interiors of small and large homes, offices, hotels, motels, stores, plazas, and shopping centers in Rawalpindi.

As per the details, PHA began supplying miniature plants of various species to be placed in pots in the living rooms, bedrooms, lawns, gardens, halls, TV lounges, and corridors.

Besides, long and spherical glass jars, vases, clay pots, miniature pots, and small hanging pots on the walls were also beginning to be supplied for the decorating of these plants.

According to an estimate, in a month, over 300,000 households came to the PHA’s “Phool Bootay” market on Double Road in Shamsabad, where they could purchase indoor plants, vases, and lovely pots in addition to pesticides, fertilizers, and special soil.

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Furthermore, services for large house gardens, landscaping, planning, beautifying, and flower planting on expansive lawns were also launched.

According to PHA Chairman Asif Mahmood, the “Phool Bootay” floral decorating center has been created for residents of the garrison city where professionals create and craft these decorations by themselves in various pots and vases.

He said private schools have also been the customers and the authority do not generate any more profit but rather only pay expenditures.

Numerous diplomats from Islamabad also visit this place to purchase decorative items, he claimed.

The initiative would be expanded, according to the PHA chairman, as all of the small and large residences in Rawalpindi city as well as the stores on the streets would be made more attractive with the help of our initiative, he added.

The chairman of the PHA added that if a family so desires, PHA can even design the lawns of their houses.

This “Phool Bootay Center” has had unprecedented success, he claimed.

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