ProPropertyNews#QAUbleeds Trends as Students, Residents Raise Voice Against Bhara Kahu Bypass Project

#QAUbleeds Trends as Students, Residents Raise Voice Against Bhara Kahu Bypass Project

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) held a public hearing at the Jinnah Convention Center on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report, during which the teachers, students, and residents of Bhara Kahu and Murree exchanged harsh remarks, causing multiple disruptions, and tense atmosphere.

After the incident, the students and well-wishers of Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) took the matter to Twitter, and the hashtag #QAUbleeds started trending which showed severe resentment and anger of students against the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

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According to the sources, the university authorities argued that the CDA had no right to build on QAU land when other options, such as an elevated overhead bridge, were available, while the representatives of Murree claimed that there was no basis for QAU faculty members to obstruct a public welfare project.

Furthermore, the QAU campus community unitedly opposed the construction of the Bhara Kahu bypass in the university’s boundaries.

Dr. Pervaiz Hoodbhoy, a former chair of the physics department, said that universities all over the world are defended and given resources to raise their standards. Still, CDA is illegally acquiring land which would never be tolerated.

The director of CDA responded by stating that the project was started for the benefit of the general public and that in reaction to the university land being included in the project, CDA had issued an offer letter to provide alternative land to the institution.

Dr. Hoodbhoy argued that laboratories and sports facilities would be built there in the future and that this site was not intended for the land mafia.

He added that as a former member of the faculty at QAU, he would resist any attempt by the government to impose its agenda on the institution.

As per the sources, the students also bemoaned the university administration for their lack of support in efforts to further the cause of QAU, adding that, the university may ask CDA to start the project from the Green Line bus terminal without dividing the campus.

“Down with the land mafia”, the QAU students chanted, while the locals claimed the initiative was intended for millions of people.

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Besides, the CDA’s plan to use QAU land as part of the bypass project, the Economics Society, Pakhtoon, and Saraiki Students Council organized a talk during which prominent speakers condemned this act.

Additionally, the speakers also emphasized the need for sustainable development and stated that the Bhara Kahu bypass was also in clash with the CDA master plan.

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