ProPropertyNewsRawalpindi Commissioner Vows to Finish Ring Road, Tackle Encroachment, and Control Inflation

Rawalpindi Commissioner Vows to Finish Ring Road, Tackle Encroachment, and Control Inflation

RAWALPINDI: The Commissioner of Rawalpindi Division, Liaquat Ali Chatta, has stated that all delayed development projects, including the important Ring Road project, will be completed promptly.

He emphasized the significance of the Ring Road project for the region and the employment and business opportunities it will bring.

The commissioner also mentioned that all available resources would be utilized, and any obstacles would be removed to ensure the completion of the project.

He warned that no one, regardless of their influence, would be allowed to take over citizens’ land.

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The Commissioner also spoke about controlling inflation by activating price control committees and improving the clean drinking water and sewage system.

The authority also plans to construct modern parks and install water filtration plants and transportation systems, he said.

It was also shared that problems faced by citizens would be addressed through suggestions and consultations of all stakeholders, including cracking down on hoarding and flour smuggling.

Additionally, the price control committee would be more active, and citizens are encouraged to report any shops without price lists.

Furthermore, the revenue department’s recovery system would be improved, and orders have been issued to speed up the computerization of land records.

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