ProPropertyNewsRawalpindi Police Vows to Continue Indiscriminate Action Against Land Mafia

Rawalpindi Police Vows to Continue Indiscriminate Action Against Land Mafia

The intelligence agencies in Rawalpindi have discovered that a substantial number of militants are hiding in a private housing society known as Blue World City and have taken on roles as security guards.

These militants have been forcibly acquiring lands from local residents in Chontra and engaging in violent attacks against the police.

In response, the city police have been collaborating with various law enforcement agencies to eradicate the militants from the area.

The City Police Officer of Rawalpindi, Syed Shehzad Nadim Bukhari, declared that Blue World City is a safe haven for armed militants who are involved in both land grabbing and violence.

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He pledged to eradicate all militants and other criminals from Chontra within 15 days and to stop any further land-grabbing activities.

At a press conference, Bukhari also accused some private housing society owners of using militants to acquire lands and engage in violent acts.

He specifically named the owner of Blue World City as being particularly cunning, as they have even established a private TV channel, Suno TV, to spread false propaganda against law enforcement authorities.

Bukhari revealed that the authorities have taken legal action against the channel’s management through PEMRA and FIA.

Notice to PEMRA

Bukhari also shared the outcome of recent search operations in Chontra and its surrounding areas, which resulted in the arrest of 130 suspects and the seizure of 181 Kalashnikovs, 76 rifles, 1 LMG, 59 pistols, 3 other weapons, and 2361 bullets.

He emphasized that the operations against illegal housing societies and militants hiding as security guards will continue without discrimination.

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