ProPropertyNewsRawalpindi Development Authority Launches Major Crackdown on Three Unauthorized Housing Projects

Rawalpindi Development Authority Launches Major Crackdown on Three Unauthorized Housing Projects

RAWALPINDI: In a significant move to curb illegal housing developments, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has initiated a grand operation against three unauthorized housing schemes in the region. The targeted projects include Blue World City, Avalon City, and Abdullah City.

The announcement of this major operation was made public through the official Twitter account of the RDA, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring the legitimacy and safety of housing projects within the city.

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Earlier, the authority also took action against marketing agencies who had advertised illegal housing projects.

Residents and potential buyers are advised to exercise caution and ensure the legal status of any housing scheme before making any investments.

The RDA continues to monitor and take necessary actions against illegal developments to protect the interests of the public.


    1. Was CDA sleeping for the last 3-years????
      Why the action taking has been so much delayed and what type of thing has now stimulated it to take action after 3-years of starting these societies???

  1. RDA was sleeping? At the time of launch of these housing societies.
    encroachment in Rawalpindi City, etc
    Then all sudden RDA and other Development Authorities in other cities wake up and starts demolishing these are illegal.

  2. at the same All the top relevant RDA officials Must be ARRESTED & persecuted to the fullest for failing to allow the alleged illegal housing schemes amd causing loss of Billions pf rupees to the citizens.

  3. All the relevant RDA officials should be arrested & prosecuted for allowing the owners of these alleged illegal housing schemes to openly promote & sell thousands of plots to local and overseas Pakistanis for several years and thus causing them loss of billions of rupees.

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