ProPropertyNewsRDA Directs MP&TE to Shut Down Illegal Housing Schemes

RDA Directs MP&TE to Shut Down Illegal Housing Schemes

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has directed the Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MP&TE) Directorate to launch operations against illicit housing societies.

The MP&TE has also warned the sponsors not to run promotional campaigns on any media platform.

According to an RDA spokesperson, the authority’s planning wing initiated a crackdown on societies, including Country Sides Farm Houses on Chak Beli Khan Road, Turkish Smart City, and Country Side Residency.

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He added that roads, footpaths, and boundary walls of the Countryside Farmhouses had been demolished.

Similarly, billboards were also demolished while conducting an operation against the Turkish Smart City, and police also arrested two persons for interference.

Moreover, the third housing society, named Country Sides Residency, has also been demolished by the authorities.

RDA has also advised the general public not to invest in societies that do not have legal standing.

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It is important to note that the MP&TE also contacted FIA, Cybercrime Islamabad, Overseas Foundation, SNGPL, Zilla Council Rawalpindi, and District collector Rawalpindi to take strict action against societies that have not been approved by the authority.

Furthermore, DG RDA has also asked the MP&TE to take fearless action against the booking offices of illegal housing schemes and restrict all kinds of commercial activities.


  1. Can you plz share list of further illegal societies.
    And any information regarding legality process of societies whose NOC is pending
    I am concerned about Abdullah city and Mivida. Both located in Chakri Rd.

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