ProPropertyNewsRDA Issues Show-Cause Notice to Illegal Housing Scheme ‘Hawk’s Melbourne’

RDA Issues Show-Cause Notice to Illegal Housing Scheme ‘Hawk’s Melbourne’

RAWALPINDI: In a recent development, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), under the guidance of Commissioner Rawalpindi Division and Director General RDA, Liaquat Ali Chatta, has issued a show-cause notice to Sardar Haider Ali. Ali, the proprietor of the unlicensed housing project Hawk’s Melbourne, is under scrutiny for illicitly marketing the scheme.

The RDA spokesperson revealed that the Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MP&TE) Directorate of RDA pinpointed the housing scheme located in Bagga Sheikhan for its unauthorized promotional activities on social media.

The scheme was reportedly being advertised by ZA Investment using the RDA’s approved logo without permission, misleading the public.

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Highlighting the gravity of the situation, the spokesperson emphasized the Director General’s advice to the public, urging them to steer clear of investing in such illegal housing ventures. He clarified that without the RDA’s prior approval, no housing project is allowed to advertise or sell plots and units in any form of media.

The MP&TE Directorate has firmly instructed the owner of Hawk’s Melbourne to cease all forms of advertising and sale of plots immediately. Failure to comply will result in legal action under the Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976 and the Punjab Development Authorities Private Housing Scheme Rules-2021.

Furthermore, the Director General has mandated the MP&TE Directorate to rigorously tackle illegal advertisements and the marketing of unauthorized housing schemes. This move signifies RDA’s commitment to upholding legal standards in housing developments and protecting citizens from fraudulent schemes.


  1. It is a very good bold step by D.G. issue show cause notice to an illegal housing scheme well in time.It will be a very strong legal step to stop a very high levelled corruption in public sector & to save their halal earning.May Allah S W.T. help & bless R.D.A. to fulfil its responsibilities.Ameen.

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