ProPropertyNewsRs. 8 Billion Okayed for Reconstruction of Roads in Murree

Rs. 8 Billion Okayed for Reconstruction of Roads in Murree

RAWALPINDI: The Punjab government has started the process for road reconstruction in Murree and budgeted Rs. 8 billion for the six key roads in the tourist hotspot.

According to a senior official of the district administration, the initiative will facilitate travel for both locals and tourists to the hill region.

The cost of reconstructing the roads is estimated to be Rs. 1.51 billion for the Kalar Dhan Gali Road, Rs. 1.11 billion for the Rawalpindi-Kahuta Jeora Road, Rs. 1.63 billion for the Jeora-Panjar to Panjaar-Nar Road, Rs. 1.23 billion for the Rawalpindi-Lehtrar Kotli Sattian Road, and Rs. 1.9 billion for the Chirah Chowk to Taban via Karor Road.

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Furthermore, PTI leader and MNA Sadaqat Abbasi told that the provincial administration had begun the process of rebuilding the roads in Murree and other surrounding districts.

He claimed that the locals had been calling on the authorities to rehabilitate the roads, and their government, after allocating the money, had also urged the provincial government and district administration to assure high-quality work.

Abbasi stated that the government was also going to establish a new development authority for the Murree hill station, to which all housing societies and other work would be transferred, adding that, legislation in this regard would be introduced in the Punjab assembly soon.

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