ProPropertyNewsSHC Directs Submission of Records for Bahria Town Karachi Project

SHC Directs Submission of Records for Bahria Town Karachi Project

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court’s Hyderabad bench has ordered Bahria Town Karachi (BTK), the Board of Revenue (BoR), and the Sindh Forest & Wildlife Secretary to present records of the entire land in question for the BTK-2 project.

According to details, the petitioner, Salahuddin, had claimed that the project, located on the Karachi-Hyderabad side of M-9, could compromise Pakistan’s defense as it was close to sensitive installations.

Salahuddin requested the formation of a joint investigation team to investigate the ownership of the land, alleging that the project was being developed on public land and that the entries were bogus.

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BTK refuted these claims and argued that other housing projects were being developed adjacent to the BTK-2 project and that disputed questions of facts and factual controversies should not be resolved by the high court.

The court has directed the parties to submit the records of the entire land, including entries made in the record of rights in the names of original allottees.

Besides, the petitioner had urged the court to form a JIT consisting of senior officers from FIA, National Accountability Bureau (NAB), ISI, MI, IB, member judicial and land utilization BoR Sindh, land Utilisation, the survey of Pakistan, land records officer, and other officers.

The petitioner has also requested that FIA and NAB prosecute officials involved in issuing NOCs to the respondent party and making bogus entries in favor of BTK and private beneficiaries.


    1. The objective of launching BTK 2 was to get it thru the filtration process & come clean so it could be marketed as a no objection piece of real estate at higher rates once all is clear by Supreme Court

  1. BTK 1 yet not given the plots to the file holder since 2014 .how they can launch BTK2 and making people fool?
    Where is NAB , supreme Court and Sindh High Court did any one talked about the efeectees of BTK?

    I bought plot file on 2014 and paid all my instalments n charges several years ago but yet no possession and no plot on ground.

    1. I can help u take ur payment out or put the paid amount into profitable placement
      Let me know if u r willing to

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      1. You have taken files at 60% of the paid amount. BTK PROMISED TO Reimburse full amount and this was in 2020. No amount has been paid back and few who got reimbursement cheques bounced. BTK and their delays are hoodwinking allotees.

      2. Till now Ali Saqlain Real Estate also not coming any Project in BTK, how they can Help you and others.
        They the big fishes to help BTK to make money.

    2. Bahria town karachi has not provided the possession of plots to me.I purchased two files of 5 marla plots and cleared their remaining insllments in time. Now 6 years have passed since my purchase and there is nobody to listen to me in their offices. A highly injustice in this country.
      Dr Nadeem

    3. Can someone raise the same question to DHA karachi’s project located at M9 motorway, which was launched in 2009 and not handed over to allottees’ till yet and they are preparing to launch another at it’s opposite side calling it DHA north. I am saying this because I have never seen any post or protest anywhere against DHA responsible’s , however BTK management has delivered possession to more than 50% of BTK-01 Allottees’ . Whatever the case is BTK delivering something that was not even in the dream of any Pakistani living here or abroad.

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