ProPropertyNewsSheikh Rashid Submits Ownership Documents of Lal Haveli

Sheikh Rashid Submits Ownership Documents of Lal Haveli

RAWALPINDI: The Administrator Evacuee Trust Property Board Rawalpindi is looking into a copy of the Lal Haveli’s ownership documentation and registry, which Sheikh Rashid and Sheikh Siddique allegedly presented.

In contrast, in a letter from Deputy Administrator Asif Khan to Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi, ETPB also requested assistance from the district government to help vacate Lal Haveli.

According to the sources, the Deputy Commissioner was asked in the letter to help the staff of ETPB, and was informed that the ETPB employees would be occupying units D158 and D392.

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Asif Khan, the ETPB’s deputy administrator, stated that a lawsuit would be brought against the unlawful occupants if they exhibited any resistance, and the ETPB letter claims to have been received by the District Administration.

According to Asif, the department is also looking into the papers provided by Sheikh Rashid and Sheikh Siddique, but because they are incomplete, Lal Haveli will be vacated today with the help of the police.

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