ProPropertyNewsSurvey Reveals 70% of Streetlights in Lahore are Non-functional

Survey Reveals 70% of Streetlights in Lahore are Non-functional

LAHORE: A recent survey has shed light on the deteriorating condition of streetlights in Lahore, with approximately 70% of them being non-functional.

According to sources, this alarming situation has posed numerous problems for the city’s residents.

The residents have raised their voices, pointing out that while authorities make efforts to ensure properly lit streetlights on routes frequented by VIPs, the installation of streetlights in low-income areas is often neglected.

As a result, these areas are engulfed in darkness at night, causing difficulties for residents who face challenges in traveling and are at a higher risk of crimes and accidents.

The survey examined a total of 22,507 streetlights installed on 498 roads across the city, revealing that a staggering 17,354 lights were not working, leaving nearly 70% of Lahore’s population deprived of functional streetlights.

Notably, out of the total, 437 lights are installed on nine major roads, including MM Alam Road, Zahoor Elhi Road, The Mall Road, Davis Road, Gulberg Main Boulevard, Ferozepur Road, Zafar Ali Road, and Thokar Chowk to Canal Road.

Although approximately 70% of the streetlights on the main thoroughfares are functional, the remaining 30% need repair.

The situation is even worse on the other 245 roads in the 9 zones of the city, where more than half of the 10,000 streetlight poles lack the necessary lighting devices.

In addition, the survey also highlighted that currently, more than 10,000 sodium lights are installed along Lahore’s roads.

The plan was to replace these lights with energy-efficient LED lights, considering their cost-effectiveness and longevity.

However, due to frequent changes in government and a lack of clear policy, the procurement of LED lights has been delayed.

Ali Abbas Bukhari, the Chief Executive Officer of Lahore Metropolitan Corporation, explained that the streetlights had not been purchased for an extended period due to the changing political landscape and the absence of a clear policy.

He assured that efforts are being made to provide streetlights on VVIP, VIP, and other city roads, with LED lights being considered to reduce electricity costs.

Dr. Nasir Javed, an urban development expert, emphasized the need to empower and strengthen municipal corporations to ensure the provision of essential civic services.

He highlighted that streetlights are among the most vital civic facilities, and the government should prioritize addressing the funding challenges faced by municipal corporations.

Source: Tribune

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