ProPropertyNewsSurvey Reveals Hundreds of Dilapidated Buildings in Sindh

Survey Reveals Hundreds of Dilapidated Buildings in Sindh

KARACHI: A survey conducted by the SBCA Technical Committee on Dangerous Buildings has identified approximately 550 buildings in Karachi and around 650 buildings in other districts of Sindh that are in dilapidated conditions.

According to sources, notices have already been issued to the residents of these buildings, urging them to evacuate immediately, as these structures pose a risk of collapse during rainfall.

In anticipation of potential building collapse incidents during the monsoon rains in Karachi, the Sindh government has taken proactive measures by establishing a rain-emergency center in the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA), announced Muhammad Yasin Shar Baloch, the Director General of SBCA.

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During the rain emergency, technical staff will be available in three shifts to address any emergencies that may arise.

The SBCA DG appealed to the general public to report any building accidents or provide information about dilapidated and dangerous buildings in densely populated areas to the SBCA’s Rain Emergency Center.

Reports can be made by calling the phone numbers 99232355 and 99230393 or by visiting the website

The official of SBCA claimed that the SBCA is committed to promptly addressing any reports received and taking necessary actions to mitigate risks associated with unstable structures.

Source: Business Recorder


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