ProPropertyNewsThe 100-Rupee Islamabad-Murree Bus Service Fails on the 1st Day

The 100-Rupee Islamabad-Murree Bus Service Fails on the 1st Day

ISLAMABAD: The Punjab government, the Murree administration, and the transporters all failed to cooperate, making it impossible for the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to maintain the Murree shuttle service.

According to a report, only 2 buses were allowed to depart Islamabad for Murree because of transporters’ unrest.

However, the sources also stated that the buses were unable to return to Barakahu, therefore it was a one-way trip, that resulted in criticism from passengers.

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The sources confirmed that the Murree administration made an effort to negotiate with the transporters but was unsuccessful as the protest posed a danger to the public, the passengers, and the buses.

As per the details, the local vehicles charge between Rs. 250 and Rs. 300, while the CDA started its bus service to Murree for just Rs. 100.

Furthermore, in the wake of these incidents, the federal government remained mute and no official response has been received.

The passengers applauded the bus service and pleaded with the Punjab government to give the Murree government instructions to take on the transporter mafia.


  1. Government has no control.
    The authorities will get kickbacks that’s all. Every thing is running under mafia. روٹی price has increased by Roti Union and they have placed price list on each تندور. Union is Administrator.

    1. They do not have control over metro bus services they even don’t know how to manage should schedule time for senior citizens or students. They just fill the bus with passengers there can be a lot of patients with different diseases on the bus.
      They should have run separate buses for senior citizens and students/jobians. We have to face a lot there is the flood of passengers at Faizabad metro stations women always face problems there. Such management systems are always failed in every mission because they are not giving us comfort, rather than tease the public.

    1. Healthy competition is good but disrupting the market with remarkably lowered price at the expense of govt money is not good for competition and is against islamic principles.

      1. Have the buses been restarted? I’m looking for a phone number to get information on ticket purchase and timings. Can anyone help with a number?

    2. Unfortunately Pakistan is now heaven of all mafias, no one wants to work under law. Strict leader is compulsory requirement in pakistan.

    3. The transport mafia will always resist. They will not improve their service and behavior but keep their monopoly and pressurise. It is the case everywhere. Even in Karachi the mini buses mostly belong to one community and their attitude is very rude with passengers and they dont abide with the traffic laws.

  2. Good decision by CDA for the visitors and their families, transport mafias always starts hurdles when ever any positive measures for public comes to facilitate citizens, it should be continued and be implemented , a positive comparison itself change the mafias monopoly.

  3. Murree k transporter bhot batmeez jungli aur lalchi hn .

    Government ka bhot acha step ha ghreeb logon k lia ..plz keep it on

  4. Mafia everywhere in Pakustan is akqsys successful. Transport is another mafia. Transport operated for public benefit has never been successful in Twin cities due to transporters They make it fail as Rs 100 is reasonable fare to help people. Thanks to Pakustan.

  5. They all want unrest in the country

    If investigated, all protesters will prove their link to PTI.

    1. 100% Agreeed with you. There was 3 long marches in PTI govt, all linked to PTI, because PTI was in power then.

      There was Mujhe kuen nekala long march which was also linked tonPTI, as PTI was not in the power at that time.

      Oh, I forget to mentioned, there was a long march also in mushriff ear, which was also linked to PTI as at that time PTI was nor in the power neither in the assembly.

      1. Citizens 9f Murree are Punjabians and ultimately Pakistanis, please don’t discriminate them by party. Furthermore no one refuses its benefit / profit. Fare should be Rs. 200 to cope up the transpoters’ unrest.

      2. Now it’s predominantly PTI area. All the NA seats of galiyat are with PTI. Khaqan Abbasi lost to Sadaqat Abbasi on the Murree seat.

    2. You idiots dont even remember that during PMLN’s govt Murree hotels and vendors mafia used to beat guests over some prices and that Mafia was backed by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi who is also a Murree’s native.
      People like you only bark while forgetting your past

    3. Not PTI but thr off shoot of establishment mafia….. The pdm which owns the stakes in Murree n Galliyat and getting huge amount from Hotel & Transport Mafia

    4. Go do a survey. Majority of Murree and Surroundings refers back to PMLN supporters. Khaqan Abbasi’s constituency. Think before you speak. The only unrest is due to Imported Hakoomat either political or economical.

    5. It’s very easy to 👉 at others, given the credibility of the present government where professionals are very scarce we can always expect such disasters which have also been observed in earlier projects.

  6. Competition always improve the quality of service As a Muslim one should believe that Allah Almighty will give Raziq. In western Europe many transport but they never blame anyone
    We should Trust Allah Almighty

    1. Agreed. In some American states Govt. Is running Metro Bus/Train service free of cost just to minimize traffic on roads. In Murree thousands of cars enter every day, roads are congested and there is no parking space. Bus service in Rs. 100 is a great idea but implementation requires courage and lot of work.

  7. Governmental efforts to introduce comfort, Innovation and ease to citizen is often geopardized by monopoly players. Transporters wish to earn maximum without excelling their services in favour of travellers. This service is aimed at promotion of tourism, it should be continued at any cost. Private sector transporters will not be effected by adding one more service, as the number of passengers too high. Private sector should try to compete rather than focussing on elimination of a good quality service.

  8. افسوس کی بات یہ ہے کہ جب بھی عام آدمی کی بہتری، فلاح اور فائیدے کی بات آتی ہے۔ کوئی نہ کوئی مسئلہ کھڑا کر دیا جاتا ہے اور غریب پھر اپنی غربت پر ہاتھ ملتا رہ جاتا ہے ۔ جہاں اشرافیہ کا فائیدہ آ جائے سب ٹھیک ہو جاتا ہے۔

  9. @Jali Qazi, looks like you are the owner of a TV channel who are all in hands and gloves with the current govt cause you are the only one getting richer. The whole country will take our rights back and bring all those responsible to par. InshAllah.

  10. It is Pakistan here you cannot do anything by a legel way .In govt office they demand money to sign a single even an illiterate union council petson will talk to you like a Sargent . Shitttttt

  11. گورنمنٹ اداروں کو چاہیے کہ مینجمنٹ کو بہتر بنائے اور صحت مند کاروباری مقابلے کی فضا کو قائم کرے.
    یہ نظام اور سسٹم مزید اس طرح مہنگے منصوبوں کا متحمل نہیں ہوسکتا ہے.
    براہ مہربانی عوام کے پیسے کو بے دریغ غیر ضروری طور پر استعمال مت کریں.

    ہزاروں لوگوں کا رزق اس شعبے سے جڑا ہوا ہے انکو بہتر بنائیں.

  12. What a shame u still support PMLN knowing they ar bunch of corrupt politicians along with Zardari and maulana Fazal ur Rehman

  13. So after the shopkeepers the government goes on it’s knees infront of transporters. Can they stand up to anyone? Do they have a spine at all?

  14. It’s govt responsibility to provide good transport to the public .
    Please handle all the miscreants with Iron hand
    We need descent transport for our families …
    Also I suggest try to start train service for tourists

  15. اگر گورنمنٹ کی بس عوام کو سہولت دے رہی ہے تو ٹرانسپورٹرز کو کیوں موت پڑ رہی ہے اگرگورنمنٹ
    ہے تو یہ بھی کرایہ کم کر دیں ایک بس سو روپے میں وہی سفر طے کر سکتی ہے تو ان کی گاڑیوں میں کستوری استعمال ہوتی ہے جو اتنا زیادہ کرایہ لے رہے ہیں سہولت کو ناکام کرن

  16. Plz take out this political blaming, Mafia is not belongs to any party, it is everywhere and have connection with every party. Govt should handles all those strongly.

  17. In every country goverment / publuc transport are always cheaper than the private. Capital city goverment should implements his writ on private mafia and should continue this service on larger public interest. If these buses are comfortable and with A/C services then the fare be increased to Rs.150 which is quite reasonable. The time punchaulity must be maintain and no stoppage of buses except fixed stops mentioned by capital authority’s. This service is beneficial for locals as well as tourist too.

  18. It seems the people behind the Murree/ Islamabad 100 Rupee bus service failed to take into account the ramifications of their project.
    Corruption or incompetence….results are similar.

  19. Yet again Niazi lead puppets didn’t want anyone to facilitate the common citizens. Punjab Govt and PTI together are involved. Shame on Niazi for ruining the country economy, abusing the establishment and now stooping this record low. Moreover, the Kashmir Highway – 26 No Metro is a clear example of idiot Niazi vengeance that for 04 years, he didn’t inaugurate this route whereas PM Shehbaz made it operational within a week after raking over the Govt.

  20. The government should negotiate with transporters and fix a reasonable fare. Per kilometer cost may be worked out in the first instance and the fare may fixed. The transporters are not less than a mafia. The want to spend less and earn more. They do not want any good service to run on this route because the passenger will prefer to use that service rather than using their old and outlived vehicles. However it is good initiative of the government and should be made successful by making adjustment of fare with the transporters.

  21. Transporters are a Bad Mafia in our country as they have their own Thugs, sources & Badhmash People for their System Going by Hook Or by Crook.

  22. I don’t understand, that the price that is 200 is the coperation with the transporters, it means they are dull they should provide facility to poors and use minimum resourses and produce good quality of transport with minimum charges by ising their minds. Pakistan will never come on the progress line because this progress disrupts the two time meal of dull minded people. We will always remained to ground because of this culprit and shit nation. Sorry to government to bulley them, originally the real defaulters are we and this bloody nation.

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