ProPropertyNewsTourism Boost – Saudi Arabia to Develop Luxury Island Destination in NEOM

Tourism Boost – Saudi Arabia to Develop Luxury Island Destination in NEOM

NEOM: The Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman, has shared the plan to develop a luxurious island destination named Sindalah in NEOM city that would promote tourism in the country.

Right after The Line project, the Saudis came up with another unique idea to develop an Island that would open a gateway to the red sea offering an exceptional experience.

As per the details, the Sindalah project will be stretched to 840,000 square meters. It will include 413 hotel rooms, 333 serviced apartments, a golf course, a beach and a yacht club, and several other amenities adding to a whole new experience.

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While talking about the project, the Crown Prince stated that this project would be the first-ever luxury island and yacht destination in the Red Sea.

He added that it would be a tourism attraction, and travelers could experience the true beauty of NEOM.

Additionally, the Sindalah project will create more than 3,000 jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector and welcome tourists from all over the world by 2024.

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