ProPropertyNewsWASA to Conduct Assessment of Groundwater Table in Rawalpindi

WASA to Conduct Assessment of Groundwater Table in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: The water and sanitation department of Rawalpindi has planned to conduct a study to determine the amount of groundwater in the garrison city.

As per the details, WASA spokesperson Umer Farooq stated that the agency would begin work on assessing future water requirements for city areas since it operated more than 430 tube wells in the city, which were still insufficient to satisfy the requirement.

He said that numerous projects had been started by the government to bring water from various dams, adding that, three of these projects – Chahan Dam, Rawal Dam, and Daducha Dam – had started construction in recent months.

The spokesman added that regions around Murree Road would receive 5 MGD of water from Rawal Dam while the Daducha Dam would supply 25 MGD of water, and that the feasibility study had already begun and the union councils in Potohar Town would receive 12 MGD of water every day from Chahan Dam.

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He went on to say that Rs. 2.5 million had been set out for the expansion of the tubewell-based Girja housing development in union council 91 while announcing the beginning of a comprehensive water supply system for Bank Colony, Kehkashan Colony, Janjua Town, Sanjole Estate, Khyaban-i-Jinnah, and Mohammadi Colony.

According to him, numerous projects had been included by the government in the annual development program, and that construction would begin as soon as funds get released.

In light of the provincial government’s efforts to address the water scarcity and its consideration of launching the Ghazi Barotha water supply project, the development of the remaining projects would also begin soon, he added.

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