ProPropertyNewsWhy Should You Invest in Capital Hills Housing Scheme by Sky Marketing

Why Should You Invest in Capital Hills Housing Scheme by Sky Marketing

Capital Hills is a TMA-approved housing scheme located at Pir Sohawa Road and developed by NSK Construction Pvt. Ltd. The project is destined to become the most sought-after residential venture for the residents of Islamabad and those looking to live a close-to-nature life. Not just the nature-friendly feature, but the prices are reasonable too in comparison with plot prices anywhere in Islamabad.

There are many hill stations that you may choose to reside in Pakistan, but there is none better than the Capital Hills. This is the living area that offers world-class amenities at such as amazing location. The serenity of Margalla Hills and the views of beautiful Islamabad from Pir Sohawa are indeed mesmerizing.

Official Blog Post is here : Capital Hills Housing Scheme | Payment Plan | Location | NOC

Why Should You Invest in Capital Hills Housing Scheme

Margalla Hills being the best tourist spot in Islamabad provides majestic Capital Hills from an investment point of view and as well for living. Residential plots ranging from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal and stunning Farmhouses are all you need in a package. But this is not it; there are many other pertinent reasons that you will certainly consider investing in a splendid project like Capital Hills.

Return on Investment

Capital Hills offers a range of opportunities to earn the highest degree of Return on Investment (ROI). You can compare the prices of plots prices in Capital Hills and any other plot in Islamabad located at a prime location. The results will bring us to the conclusion that it is a clear winner.

Carry out a comparison or consult with an experienced realtor, and you will be advised to quickly invest in Capital Hills due to its property value that surpasses any other in the capital.


Moving on to the affordable properties of Capital Hills, there is no other project of this nature in or adjacent to Islamabad, where you will be close to nature and enjoy mesmerizing views. Keeping all these features in sight, the prices are quite reasonable. Here is a review of prices:

  • 5 Marla is offered at PKR 85 Lacs

  • 10 Marla is offered at PKR 16 Million

  • 1 Kanal is offered at PKR 29.5 Million

  • 2 Kanal is offered at PKR 50 Million

It is pertinent to mention that nowhere in Islamabad will you get so much in one package but Capital Hills. For more information regarding plot booking, visit now at

Fabulous Living

We ensure that your quality of life and living standards are going to be elevated after investing in Capital Hills. This project will finally be developed in 3-5 years. Once it is complete, there will be no other housing project in its vicinity with such high-end amenities. You can shop, enjoy, and even work from the comfort of your bedroom with the view.

A wise investor is the one choosing to invest at the right time. At the moment, the project is the initial phase. So, secure your peaceful living in the area by contacting us right now and reserving a portion for you.

Mesmerizing Views

The value of a property is doubled or maybe even tripled when it comes to the views being offered from that place. And if you have even once visited Pir Sohawa, imagine living at such a place or owning a property where you may visit at your will.

Come here with your friends and family members to spend some time and have a Barbeque party or live there permanently.


It is evident through a range of studies that healthy living is close to and surrounded by nature. Lush green Margalla Hills are perfect to offer you all that with stunning views of Islamabad. We believe that living at Capital Hills will be beneficial for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Whatever you see, hear, or experience in such a lush green area has a profound effect on your body. We are usually living in urban areas where there is so much pollution and other health hazard. Having an opportunity to live in Islamabad and that too in a healthy environment is no less than a blessing. And that too at low costs. So, CALL US NOW and become the owner of your dream house.

Luxury Redefined

For luxurians, splendid living is all about fabulous and top-class quality. Experiencing a resident-oriented environment in an extraordinary project is an opportunity that not many people are blessed to experience. You may develop and enjoy your social connections and be a socializing giant in the area.

Capital Hills has certainly raised the bar for future projects of similar nature with its unique features and world-class amenities.

World-Class Infrastructure

Warren Buffet once said, “A home is one of the most important assets that most people will ever buy. Homes are also where memories are made, and you want to work with someone you can trust”. A home is a place you don’t just live physically but have an emotional connection attached to that place.

So, that place be the one that you may cater to its nostalgic memories for the rest of your life.

Prime Location

There are three reasons to finalize a property for investment or residence:

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

You are correct to wonder how it is possible that all three prime reasons to choose a real estate venture for investment in location. But we assure you that this is true to its core. Location is detrimental to any housing project.

Because residents prefer to live in an area that suits them to commute to their work while at the same time ensuring a safe and healthy environment for their families, a prime location also keeps you in access to all the basic and luxurious utilities necessary to spend a quality life.

Capital Hills Housing Scheme is primarily located at Pir Sohawa Road against Dino Valley. Many other famous restaurants and resorts are located in its vicinity, but the cost of living and dining is not what everybody can afford. But Capital Hills is offering you this exclusive investment opportunity at a fraction of the cost of the projects in its surroundings.

Capital Hills Accessibilities

It is accessible in the following ways:

  • Located at Pir Sohawa
  • 5 min drive away from Monal Restaurant
  • 25 min drive away from Blue Area
  • 16 min drive away from Daman e koh
  • 35 min drive away from Bhara Kahu
  • 43 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport

Capital Hills Nearby Landmarks & Places

Here are the famous landmark projects and places located in the vicinity of Capital Hills:

  • Trail 5
  • Bruti Top
  • Bari Imam
  • Dino Valley
  • Bhara Kahu
  • Daman-e-koh
  • Pineland Heights
  • The Monal Restaurant
  • Highland Country Club & Resort


Capital Hills Pir Sohawa is a TMA-approved Housing Scheme developed by NSK Constructions and owned by Capital Group. Sky Marketing has been awarded exclusive marketing rights and sales rights to Capital Hills. Residential plots and farmhouses are up for sale. So, CALL NOW and build your dream property at affordable prices. To secure your future, you may also invest in other residential ventures, such as New City Paradise.


  1. It’s federal area no concern for TMA
    Also prohibited for residential purposes environmental restrictions

  2. Already valley view pine city 5km from Monal is ready for possession, keeping in mind heavy congestion on this road !!!! Not a sound investment

  3. For God sake, these property dealers has destroyed so much natural land and now destroying the natural beauty of Margalla Mountains. I would file a case myself against Sky Marketing on it to take the stay order or cancel this project which is destroying the natural beauty of Islamabad.

  4. This project does not fall in the territory of Margalla Hills but Haripur. Check the latest prices at “”. This will be best investment so far near Islamabad.

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