ProPropertyNewsWork on 3 Key Projects in Rawalpindi Faces Inordinate Delay

Work on 3 Key Projects in Rawalpindi Faces Inordinate Delay

RAWALPINDI: Due to the local administration’s lack of commitment, the work on 3 major projects of Kutchery Chowk reconstruction, Defence Chowk, and the signal-free route from Kattchery Chowk to the highway, is unlikely to begin in FY2022-23.

According to the details, the Punjab government gave Rs. 1 billion to the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and sanctioned Rs. 6.4 billion for the Kutchery Chowk restoration project.

However, the lack of a traffic management plan and the district administration’s lack of interest prevented the local authority from starting the project.

Furthermore, the 2.2 billion Rs Defence Chowk project was also approved. However, due to the National Highway Authority’s (NHA) sluggish development of the Soan River bridge, work on the project has not yet started.

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Additionally, the 3rd project was to eliminate traffic signals along the Mall and Peshawar Road from Kutchery Chowk to Motorway Chowk. Previously, the project was part of the Punjab Annual Development Program, but work on this project is yet to begin.

The project is expected to cost Rs. 10 billion, which includes the construction of a flyover and 4 underpasses at the junctions of GPO Chowk, GHQ Chowk, Qasim Market, and Military Hospital Chowk.

The administration is attempting to put this project in the Annual Development Program for 2023–2024, while RDA is working on all these projects and will shortly introduce them, according to RDA spokesperson Mohammad Irfan.


  1. RRR (Rawalpindi Ring Road)and Nalaa Lai projects are also victim of Red tape…
    There cost will also become 4/5 time more which was originally supposed to be…
    God knows better what is going to be happened…

    1. I don’t think there is any possibility of ring road construction before general elections.
      Untill the stable government got hold of punjab

    2. They should at least start with a single project if not all at a time. Movement on GT road from Rawat till Tarnol has become a difficult job. A new story at the end of the day.. jamhoriat khape

    3. Very unlikely positivie response of local as well as provincial top brass management, due to lack of commitment. However, the same may be materialised, if the army people determines to get done

    4. Japan maang raha tha to day daitay Nala Laie project, Paisay thay nahi bus panga kia k hum khud kamaa lain, halan k Japan cover bhi daal raha tha aor bijili bhi day raha tha Nala Laie ka kachera lay kr.
      10 saal tak complete nahi ho ga yeh Nala Laie plan jistara Kala baagh nahi huaa.

  2. Ye projects to ubhi papers mai hain Jo 2 hospitals ready hain rawalpindi main plz for god sake unko start kar dein eid gah women and child hospital and pkli shamsabad rawalpindi

  3. Rawalpindi Ring Road & Nala Lai Express Projects are are mandatory to solve the problems of huge traffic flow within the city. People are praying and waiting for the initiative in these two …………..

  4. RDA officials and Sitting Pervez Elahi, Chief Minister, have their own priorities and thus sufferings of Pindi Walas, does not carry any impact on them. However, Defence Officials can get it done at earliest if they take any interest in the subject matter.

  5. Rawalpindi Ring Road is much essential for Rawalpindi/Islamabad to avoid Traffic conjunction and wastage of fuel/ pollution . A simple Road should be built immediately If it’s not possible to build a ring road.

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