ProPropertyNewsYet Another Plot Allotment Scam Embroils CDA Officials

Yet Another Plot Allotment Scam Embroils CDA Officials

ISLAMABAD: Following the last week’s interception of three transfer files in Islamabad, a plot allotment fraud involving the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has resurfaced.

According to reports, an alleged attempt to transfer three plots in sector E-13 of the federal capital was allegedly stopped, and the CDA’s Security Directorate is conducting an investigation to gather further facts.

Meanwhile, the CDA’s Member Estate issued directives to halt the transfer, prompting an investigation, the sources said.

As per initial investigations, after three plot files were submitted to One Window Operation OWO for transfer on the basis of No Demand Certificates (NDCs) issued by the Land Directorate, representatives of OWO issued Transfer Application Forms (TAF).

The allocation process was suspended while the Security Directorate was given permission by the Member Estate to launch an investigation after someone notified the Member Estate.

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Sources further claim that record of three files was missing, indicating that they had been fraudulently allotted, and there was an attempt to transfer these plots to another person’s name.

“There are several unanswered questions regarding this matter, including why the plots were previously allotted if the files weren’t available and why the TAF was issued,” a CDA official said, adding that it appeared a scam was taking place on the CDA’s land and OWO directorates.

According to a representative of the Land Directorate, the directorate itself informed the Member Estate and OWO about the fake NDCs.

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