Oct 5, 2008


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  • Ali Raza

    when i drive i bring my n810 baby with me little bit tweaking with google maps db there you are free gps

    • Mohammad

      What do you mean by “little bit tweaking with google maps” is there a way to put the maps directly on the navigation system from Google maps? If so can you explain how?

  • nazar

    Hi Friends

    Pakistan navigator maps & GPS (Garmin Nuvi 310) Cost about Rs.42,931

    • Nuvi 310, preloaded with Pakistan North Map Data

    • vehicle suction cup mount

    • carrying case

    • 12-24 volt adapter cable

    • dashboard disk

    • USB interface cable

    • sample Language Guide content

    • sample MP3s

    • quick reference guide


    • Display: 3.5″ QVGA color TFT 64K colours, 320 x 240 resolution, anti-glare touchscreen

    • Map Data/Memory: Preloaded Regional Map stored in 512MB built-in flash memory

    • Bluetooth: Compatible

    • Real-time Traffic: Supports TMC traffic (OPTIONAL)

    • Voice: Navigation instructions and warnings

    • Enhanced Features: Speed Cameras pre-loaded, POI Loader, SD Card Slot, SMS/Text Messaging

    • Infotainment: (MP3 Player) (Picture Viewer) (Audio Book Player) (Currency & Measurement Converter) (Trip Computer) (Average & maximum speeds) (World Clock) (Travel Guide) (Language Translator) (Audio Output Jack).

    • Power Source: Rechargeable Li-ion battery (4-8 hours)

    To buy Pakistani GPS.. http://naqsha.net/Products.aspx

    Have fun :)

    • http://www.trackingworld.com.pk Ali

      NUVI310 is not so expensive its on 32,000

      and even low cost version in same size are available starting from 18500/-



  • http://www.pristinepakistan.com Nasir Mahmood

    About time we had GPS…bit late for me now but I would have killed for it a few years back. Who is doing the maps? and do you know if it’s possible to use the exisiting GPS systems in imported cars with just the maps disk?

    • Mahmoud

      Yeah i have a BMW; which has a built in Nav system. I wonder who would be able to connect to it. Pls let me know if you find sombody who can do the job.

      • http://www.trackingworld.com.pk Ali

        I learned the same companies TRACKING WORLD/Data Solution are working on that too, they have launched in-dash navigation for toyota and honda cars already.

  • http://www.dufferistan.com ڈفر

    isn’t it costly w.r.t PK market?
    but i ve seen
    naqsha.net has done a wonderful job
    thumbs up for n.n

  • http://trackingworld.com.pk shahzad

    The map disk technology which came in with imorted cars is an older version latest technology is that gps devices comes with a built 2 gb flash memory.
    and we are out of stcok as well.people have surprisingly bought every unit of garmin.

  • http://trackingworld.com.pk shahzad

    nuvi 310 is availble for just 32800

    • http://www.trackingworld.com.pk Ali

      prices are very aggressive now you can buy NUVI205 as low as 18500/-

  • http://naqsha.net Nadir Viqar

    Hello All,

    I work at naqsha.net. Thank you for all your nice comments. The current base unit, Garmin Nuvi 200w, retails for Rs. 29,750. Regarding cars which already have GPS navigation devices/screens but no maps: we have a solution for them too. Its the Garmin GVN 53. It is attaches to your in-car entertainment units or screen and transforms it into a full fledged navigation unit. It comes with an RF remote as well. For any of you who are interested in navigation for your motorbikes we have a special water proof unit as well. This is the Garmin Zumo 500. For more product details visit naqsha.net.

    If you are in Lahore, visit the display centre at Tracking World (Pvt) Ltd. For people in Islamabad we have units on display at Hi Volts (F-8 Markaz) and Illusions (F-7 Markaz). You may also call at 042-111-22-66-66 for details.



    • Mahmoud

      where do we go in Karachi?

      • http://www.trackingworld.com.pk Ali

        you can go to “Tracking World” Karachi office at
        197/1-B, Daud Pota Road (near cantt railway station)

        or call (21) 562 0004-8
        you will get everything there.

    • Cherry

      Hi Nadir – I’m a bit confused. Between Naqsha and Tracking World, who is developing the maps? Thank you very much!

  • shafqat

    Any one needing free base map of Pakistan, map of Islamabd, Lahore
    in Garmin img format may contact me. Usable in Garmin mobile xt for wm5/6mobiles, Garmin Mobile Pc (for laptops) and any garmin GPS (having mapping capablity) Note: Routing is not available though, otherwise has many Poi’s.



    • Faisal Nawaz


      Salam Shafqat,

      I got Garmin Nuvi 670 from USA. Please help me in loading some base map of Pakistan with some POIs.

      Faisal Nawaz

    • Ahmad

      I need one, if its free and compatible with my Garmin Nuvi 660. Thanks in advance.

    • Waleed

      I need maps of pakistan specially for Base map of Islamabad for my Garmin GPSMAP 76 series.

      Waleed Rehman

      • Shafqat Altaf

        @Waleed, Please contact me giving your email.


    • Shahid

      @shafqat, Hello sir please contact me at paksman1@hotmail.com , my msn and like to get the map.



    • Farhan Zafar

      @shafqat, Hi. I am interested in Garmin free maps for KHI, LHR, ISL & PSW (more the better) for use in “Garmin eTrex Vista Cx” and “Garmin Mobile XT” for WM 6.1. Please let me know how can I get in touch with you. Tx.

      • Shafqat Altaf

        @Farhan Zafar, Shahid etc. Please email me at shafqataltaf@hotmail.com for getting the map/s.



    • javed

      Dear Mr.Shafqat Hi,
      I have HTC P6500 with inbuilt GPS having winmo 6.1. I have installed Garmin mobile XT on it and would love to have Pakistan maps, if you could send it to my email address, it would be appreciated.

      • Shafqat Altaf

        @javed, Mr Javed, Please contact me on my email. You hav’nt given me your email.


    • Ahsan

      Hi Shafqat can i need a map for karachi would you be having that?



    • Ezaz Rasul

      Hi i am using n95 8gb . I have garmin mobile xt installed but it doesnt show any map on it . Kindly guide me as far as where i might be messing up and if you could also send me Pakistan maps as well. I would appreciate it.

    • Moazzam Shafique

      Sir, kindly send me base map of Pak @ m_shafique@live.com

      Waiting for an assertive response!

      Moazzam Shafique

    • Ahsan

      Hi Shafqat

      Can you please send me maps for all cities which are available in Pakistan



  • Khan

    Hi Shafqat,
    I also hane Garmin GPS from USA.
    Can you help to download Karachi map on this GPS.
    All I need is to just see in GPS where ever I am going.

  • Afzal

    Can some one help me to get unlocked digital map of Pakistan for my mobile (nokia 6110 Navigator)?

    • Afzal

      Can some one help me to get unlocked digital map of Pakistan for my mobile (nokia 6110 Navigator)?


  • farhan

    hi shafqat
    i got a garmin nuvi 750 from usa and i need amps of lahore with POIs…do u any solution apart from me spending an extra 120 for maps from naqsha ppl…u may email me on my id farhan230@hotmail.com

    • Shafqat Altaf



      • IFTIKHAR

        I shall be very gratefull i you send me Pakistan map with all citys.

        Thanks and Regards


        • http://www.trackingworld.com.pk Azhar

          Dear Mr. Iftikhar –
          Please call/contact at (42) 111 22 66 66 or my cell number (300)842 3818. will manage the required maps for you.


  • Addy

    Hi Friends,

    Just got my Nuvi 780, and now i need the Paki Maps.. can anyone help… Thx

    • farhan

      u will have to get it from tacking world people…or visit naqsha.com

  • Ahmed

    Hi Friends
    Plz increase the use of GIS in Pakistan.Its most important for country.For GIS study Punjab University lanch the Msc GIS program.

  • Ahmad

    Salam Shafqat,
    I am very interested in the maps if they are free and compatible with my Garmin Nuvi 660 navigator.



  • Shafqat Altaf

    Mr. Farhan/Ahmad etc.
    Thanks for the interest in the free maps I’m offering, but you have to contact me at shafqataltaf@hotmail.com. I cannot contact you if without your email

  • http://www.asknadir.wetpaint.com Nadir

    this is best technolgy in pakistan.
    it will work in symbian mobile such s90 Nserse and nokia 6600, 6670, 6680, N72, etc it will work n all symbian,.,. Ngage
    softwere: Google Maps

    • Farrukh

      @Nadir, hi which software r u refereing to, as i have a s90 phone but i cant find a software and maps …. hola bak at farrukharslan@gmail.com .. thanks!!

  • Amjad


    I am looking to download maps of pakistan .as i have navman s300t from AUS.Is it possile that ican buy the pakistan maps online and download in to my navman s300t.I be very thankfull if some one can help me with this. Thaks

  • Hussain

    You should be able to get the same detailed routing maps for the Garmin from http://pkmaps.freeforums.org/. It’s a community-driven free mapping project for Pakistan.

  • Shahid

    I am interested in buying Pakistan map for the Garmin but wanna use it with Nokia N95 , I mean I want to install it in N95 is this possible. Please reply if some one can provide for N95.



  • ziazenny

    i need nokia 6110 pakistan map plz give reply my idd.

  • javed

    Sorry Mr.Shafqat I forgot to mention my email though it is required and has been provided for replying to someone. anyways its javedafridi@hotmail.com

  • Dr. Nasir Chughtai

    Ihave Nokia N95 with Garmin Mobile XT. I also ?possess map for lahore but i am unable to use/run this system how can i use this and what is the method of using internal nokias GPS

  • Dr. Nasir Chughtai

    can i use nokias origional gps what should then be required

  • ali raza

    plz i need map of pakistan for my beautiful mobile SAMSUNG SGH i550w
    if any one can help me then plz ……………..

  • http://www.dinnews.tv Muhammad Yousaf Sulahria

    I am using Free Garmin Mobile XT Windows Mobile 6 Maps for Pakistan from many months. If anyone need them they can contact me. I have complete Pakistan Base Map + Detail Map for Cities.

    • Ateeb Iftikhar

      Dear Yousaf,

      I would really appreciate Garmin Mobile XT Windows Mobile 6 maps for Pakistan. Can you please provide them to me @ ateeb_iftikhar@hotmail.com

      Thank you so much in advance.

      Ateeb Iftikhar

    • Ezaz Rasul

      Asalamoalaikum brother, I would appreciate if you could send me this software with Pakistan maps as well. Actually i have installed garmin mobile xt on my n95 8gb already but it doesnt show any maps on it. I wonder what the reason might be. anyhow i would appreciate if you could help a newby like me in this regard. Thanks a lot bro.

    • Ahsan

      Please send me maps on for windows mobile 6 for pakistan



    • Ami

      Hi Yousaf,

      can you please sahre with me the garmin map of pakistan,

      my email is ami422@gmail.com


  • Asif Raza

    I want nokia n95 maps for karachi and lahore , please help me how can i run gps on it my email is


  • khabis

    thumbs down for naqsha.net

  • Sheikh Abdullah

    @ shafqat,

    i need map of lahore, khi and islamabad. please mail me


    Sh. Abdullah


  • Ali

    Thanks for all people participation on forum, We have launched PAKNAV which is joint effort of Data Solution (Pvt) Ltd and Tracking World (Pvt) Ltd. It started with Navigation on Garmin PNDs (Personal navigation devices) like Nuvi 200W, Nuvi 610, Nuvi760 and soon added Garmin Navigation Black Box GVN-53 which enables vehicles existing screen for Navigation. Street Level mapping is already available for all major cities. Now InDash OEM models are also available for New Corolla 2009, Toyota Parado, Camry, Mark-X , Land Cruiser, Toyota Vitz and number of other vehicles. System offers complete street level Navigation, DVD, TV, Bluetooth, Back View Camera and parking sensor , Tyre pressure monitoring system, MP3, MP4, iPOD ready and other features.
    We have also launched UTrack with Ufone , a wap based application and now bringing up navigation for Mobile phones and palms. Completely routable maps it works on windows and symbian OS phones like Nokia N series and E series etc. Stay tuned for upcoming Navigation solutions. Call us at (042) 111 226 666 and get more info or visit website http://www.trackingworld.com.pk and select Paknav and see a variety of quality products which are quite affordable

  • http://www.trackingworld.com.pk Ali

    Hey Friends –
    Garmin products are now available in affordable price range!

    NUVI610 with 4.3″ touch screen is available on Rs:24,850 including pakistan maps and you can also get maps of other countries on SD cards for almost free just pay SD card price. another
    4.3″ model PN7000 is available in 18,750/- with all features of NUVI760, have you checked that??

    other models are starting from Rs:18,500 only/

  • Ali

    There is a wonderful navigation solution from Tracking World which is tracking and Navigation provider has now made it available on mobiles which is better then mibitrack, no monthly charges and no GPRS charges. Just get it once and use forever.

    I got one for my Nokia-E71 and its awsome – simply THE BEST in everybody’s budget.
    It also works for Symbian S60 mobile, Palm , Windows mobiles.

    you can contact
    or call
    (42) 111 22 66 66

  • http://www.masroor.com.pk Masroor Gilani

    Very interesting discussion. I have ordered Garmin Nuvi 360 from Amazon.com and it will be with me next month as I got it delivered to my brother’s address in US. A friend will upload Pakistani maps, as he has done with so many GPS brought to him. He does it for free and those maps work very well.

    I may be selling this GPS, because I am not sure will it be useful for me as I know most of Islamabad places and can navigate well in Lahore with online maps. May be when I go to Karachi, I will need it. Or when I travel abroad, it will be handy.

  • Yasir Raza

    @shafqat Hey bro i also need GPS map of Pakistan for my Nokia N95 plz send it to me at awish87@hotmail.com


  • M Afzal

    I need Pakistan maps for my Nokia 6110 Navigator if possible

    • Ali

      You can get Pakistan Maps for your Nokia 6110 or any other Symbian OS, Palm OS and Windows OS. This will cost you Rs:5000 and it works perfect and looks cool. Your mibile supports GPS but doesn’t have inbuilt so you need to use any bluetooth GPS to make it work live.

  • usman


    I was wondering if you are going to develope something foor iphone ? already there is IDA where we can add maps, avaialbel on cydia (jailbreak phone) now there is also Navogon but they only offer Europe maps. I heared TomTom is also making GPS for iphone.

    My Question is will there be anyone to post map of Pakistan to work with iphone ?

    thanks :)

    • usman

      No one have reply for me please ? (I am not the othe Usman that is asking to pirate maps)

      Just saw also that Sygic has also release Naviagtuon map for iphone.

  • Usman

    Are u all guys mad, you are paying 30,000 rupees for a map and device???
    Go buy a PDA with built in GPS which is cheaper these days and install a cracked map of Naqsha or some free developers or any other map of any country, all cracked free!!!

  • http://www.naqsha.net Data Solutions Private Limited

    Naqsha.net’s retail price reflects the minimum amount at which we can continue to make these maps better and to put food on the tables of 15 families whose bread-winners work tirelessly at naqsha.net. If you cannot afford Rs. 10,000 for legitimate maps of all of Pakistan, please contact naqsha.net for non-profit and charity pricing. Please realize that, after 60 years, a Pakistani company has shown incredible courage against all odds – a society that rewards dishonesty and a government that is thoroughly corrupt – to do something good for this country. Instead of paying those who are working hard to produce these maps, people are discussing here how they can cheat and steal. Please don’t join these criminals in promoting and rewarding this robbery. You would be stealing from the mouths of children whose parents work at naqsha.net. Please buy your maps directly from naqsha.net and do your duty as responsible citizens of a developing country that needs honesty and hard work. You would not only have the satisfaction of doing the right thing, you would also get map updates and be able to make your own suggestions for improvements. Naqsha.net is doing something good for this country by hiring Pakistanis in decent jobs to produce badly-needed quality maps. Please support this effort rather than sabotage it. NOTE: Data Solutions (Private) Limited is the sole owner and copyright holder of naqsha.net maps and website.

    • DS

      Or you can just download the free ones (and not feel guilty about anything) from http://pkmaps.freeforums.org

    • Hamza Khan

      i just want to make a query that when are you people updating your maps and when is new version of pakistan naviagtor i s releasing with complete address search of Lahore and speacially DHA phase 5 and ring road etc.so plz reply back.thanx

  • Ali

    Hi Usman and all,

    Using cracked version is quite illegal.
    In this way we keep our country backward and nobody remains intersted in working good for country.
    This is altogather good effort from Naqsha team and we should appreciate and promote their products and help them continue this effort. We have to change our mind now and stop piracy.

  • usman

    Please read my comment about iphone some threads above

    thanks :)

  • hashir

    hey you all dont worry just ask a rerry waala that where is the location where you want to go a cheap natural Navigation style.. thats your pakistan

  • http://www.masroor.com.pk Masroor Gilani

    I got my Garmin nuvi 360 this week, it is an amazing device, accuracy is impressive and I got the maps loaded with the help of a friend. The device came pre-loaded with US maps. There was nearly 2GB internal memory in the device, so there was no need to erase them and after loading Pakistan maps still 350MB space was available. I have registered the device at mygarmin which sent a firmware upgrad and also I chose many nice vehicles for the display.

  • saaron

    I don’t see myself spending so much money on this when I have Google maps, EDGE and my smart phone unless they cut the cost to at least one third. It’s just too darn expensive.

  • Tanveer

    if u can tell me that did u have a techonlogy ro improve ur gps whole in pakistan

  • Raja Adnan

    any one tell me how can install software pakistan mapin in my mobile nokia n95 8gb my e-mail is …

  • http://www.desiyaari.com Yousaf

    Anyone can get detail map for whole pakistan for garmin img file. email me at yousaf3k [a.t] gmail.com it will be on cd for rs 500.

  • ali

    does any wanna start a “Electric Car business” with me….

    its really amazing…. you can convert any car in less than $7000 thats 560000 Rupees.

    all you need to do is

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    any one interested reply to me…

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    Ali Khan

    • Walker

      Yes, I am interested in converting my car into Electric Car. How do I do it?

    • haider

      my son do u know that the batteries life time is only 2 years and after that u have to replace them all..

      i think u have only seen it on youtube but not ever tried..

  • http://www.LaoJee.com Dr. S. A Siddiqi


    I have a reconditioned TOYOTA Corolla 2006 model Car in Karachi with GPS is factory fitted in it. I need to put Karachi maps in it.

    How it can be done economically with the latest GPS maps.

    If any one would assist, I will be obliged.


    Dr. Saleem Siddiqi

    email: cdeeky@LaoJee.com

    • Yousaf

      I will give u gramin format maps for rs. 1000

      if want then email me at yousaf3k at gmail dot com

  • http://www.trackingworld.com.pk Ali –

    Dr. Saleem Saddiqui –

    Dear Saleem Sb –
    for 2006, there only generic indash solution available or you can simply own some Garmin or other PAKNAV personal navigation units for your use.

    the unit with maps will cost you Rs: 18,000/- with one year upgrade.

    you can also visit Tracking World’s Karachi office or call 021-3562 0005 to 08.

  • AZIZ

    please send me ur address of shop.from where can i buy

  • AZIZ


  • http://www.adsense.pk m imran yousaf

    install software Pakistan mapin in my mobile nokia n95 8gb http://www.adsense.pk

    M IMRAN YOUSAF-19105

  • Sajjad

    for free Pakistan Navigation software and complete installation guide visit

  • Jazzi

    I have iphone 4 how can i use car navigation system. Which apps will work and how to get maps for Pakistan.

  • rana


  • saulat abbas

    please send me free pakistan map. i have garmin nuvi 255w. my email is saulat.007@gmail.com
    i will b very great ful to u

  • http://mobileskey.blogspot.com/ t mobiles

    Keep us updated about this I would like to hear more on this topic!

    (seo full training DVD only 300 R.s )

  • suleman

    i have a car.gps system is installed completely. The map disk technology is my car.so how its work

  • http://www.sbinternational.net S.B International

    7 Inches Car GPS System With Pakistan Map, Audio Video Player, Bluetooth, Games, A/V IN Function, e.t.c Available in PKR 14,999 Only… Limited Devices Left… Call Or Sms 03218462094 OR 03344318445….

  • Muhammad Atif

    Buddies u can download pakistan map from internet just search on google and download the map in ur pc and then transfer it into your device
    currentl i am using the same soft garmin which is used in cars and if some one want to anay thing then wirte it down here

  • Afzal Wahid

    Hi every one, being part of my job nature (Highway Design Engineer), I use to travel a lot by roads. These digital maps for Garmin, and Nokia C-7, will be great help for me please let me know by dropping a simple e-mail on afzalwahid@eaworld.com or SMS on 03333056952, Thanks

    • Muhammad Atif Shahzad

      you can get this soft contact me on my email atfshz@gmail.com or 03217669773

  • Malik mazhar

    Im pakistani

  • Atif K

    Dear All,

    I have a BMW 525i 2008 with navigation and nav DVD. Can anyone help me since I want to run the nav system with Pakistani maps.

    Any idea how this can be done?

  • fentom

    Friends, get ‘Sygic’ nav , it has pakistan map also, i have used it my self. you can also get a cracked one from torrents or file share sites.this gramin is damn expensive.

  • sultan baig

    You can enjoy full pakistan online/off-line navigation in android mobiles through
    1. google maps (free of cost, and without voice)
    2. sygic maps, online/offline, fully voice guided but have to purchase, i thinks cost is verymuch affordable

  • sultan baig

    you can use android mobile for full pakistan online and off line navigation.through
    1. google maps (free of cost, but not voice guided),
    2. sygic maps , fully voice guided offline online navigation.

  • mesba

    my gps working befor with old cable and transfer seria to usb port but now my computer not know my device i think they need to update mey you help me to dowload a softwar to solve my problem . idont have credit card to bye and i need free softwar thanks alot

  • http://www.aje.com.pk ahmed

    devices are cheap, original devices are available at http://www.aje.com.pk with pakistan maps

    or www dot aje dot com dot pk

  • mastimalangi

    All the maps of Pakistan are available can be purchased @ 3000 Pak Rs

    write me @hotmail.com & purchase it

  • mastimalangi

    U can buy it from me map of Pakistan wid all major cities. it is extensively suitable for Nokia

  • falak

    hi im in pakistan and here is navagation is good thats the nice one i always use navagator

  • Ali

    Salam..!! I have bought honda city aspire …its navigation is prOvided by naqsha.net…but it always asks for an activation key …i dont know where to get it from

  • falak

    i have samsung galxy mobile phone navagation is very good never problem and free the navagation name , navagator ,

  • http://www.skynetsol.net Imran


    INTRODUCING PRICE only 12000/-
    Build-in Memory card Free, Charging upto 6 to 8 hours, can be charge through car charging socket.

    Limited Stock available

    contact 03003398598

  • Rahman Khan

    Hi…i have Toyota Prius 2007 with navigation but it has only UK maps. Can anyone help me on how can i buy Pakistan map dvd for prius?












    Get back to us with this and get your loan today, thanks and God bless.



  • http://www.propakistani.com Aamir Attaa

    @Ali Raza, yea Google Maps works good with GPS enabled handsets… but local POIs data is not available, which makes it difficult to reach your destination by just putting address into your device

  • http://www.propakistani.com Aamir Attaa

    @nazar, thanks for your input

  • http://www.propakistani.com Aamir Attaa

    @Nasir Mahmood, Unfortunately, these maps work with Garmin devices only…. that’s sort of limitation.

    Tracking World (the company) says they had been developing maps themselves, and they did this in two years. Government didn’t provide then with any bit of information…

    let me add their helpline numbers here

    * 042-111 22 66 66
    * 042-5161830
    * 0300-4000766
    * 0300-4013808
    * 033 44 33 33 01
    * 033 44 33 33 02

  • asjad ahmad

    we want to know do you have an pakistani map on gprs specially for northern areas ? or is it free of charge ?
    thanks and waiting for reply
    asjad ahmad

  • Ali

    AOA Amir,
    Now we are offering Navigation devices other than Garmin, also inDash models pls visit http://www.trackingworld.com.pk
    and Navigation on Mobile Phones having symbian OS, Palm OS and Windows OS.
    Please contact info@trackingworld.com.pk