• Muhammad Zohair Chohan

    Thats great but i have a desktop computer :( are there any skins for those types ????

    • Ahmed

      @Muhammad Zohair Chohan, U can order it also…but i think heat would be prblm for your CPU..but you can cater it out by installing more FANS in the CPU…

  • Hi Aamir ,

    Do these skins leave some sticky material on the plastic of the lap top after removal? any personal experience ?

    • @Mudassar, I have an Acer laptop on which I used one of such skins and after removing it recently, I noticed that no sticky material was left behind.

      So I think they are totally safe to use and do not destroy the body of your laptop.

      • @DjFlush, ok nice thanks, that is nice idea and business model that can be expanded to a full customized online printing service :)

        • ahmed

          @Mudassar, it is 100% vinyl printing and leave no residue on the surface of laptop, rather it safe your laptop from any scratch…

  • i have signed up with lahoreonline.org. they are charging 500 exclusive shipping charges. also they mention that this does not include any banking or bla bla bla charges

    • fahad

      @DuFFeR, it’s next to impossible, recently i bought skins from them and they charged me Rs. 350/- per each skin. without any delivery charges, as they sent me to ISB.

      • @fahad,
        hi Muhammad!
        You have ordered 1 Skin/Skins.Kindly keep in mind that the dimensions i.e 14.5 should be of the flat area of your Laptop`s LCD, NOT the ones given by the manufacturer as we take no responsibility if the size varies, thereby confirm them.

        Yout Total Amount is 500.

        This is exclusive of any Shipment Charges and Bank Charges. You will be further given a call from our representative as soon as your skin is ready.

        Thank You.
        Please be patient as the order process.


      • @fahad, might be promotion at propakistani has caused them to realize their importance :D

        • @DuFFeR, let me order them my skin ; – )

          • @Aamir Attaa, any updates?

            • @DuFFeR, i am waiting for my skin from one of my friend… (my friend has received them and have with him) did you get yours?

              • @Aamir Attaa, NO, i cancelled the order, mailed them back immediately that i dont need this, when i saw the pathetic message after submission that [see my 2nd message in thread]

  • Sounds great!

  • I thought “Cash on Delivery” means they will deliver the skin at home and will collect money. I think I didn’t mis-understood it – right ?

    I ordered a skin but today I received a phone call saying collect the skin from our office. And they do not do home delivery.

  • Yousaf

    Any new updates on pictures of laptops with skins ?

  • Yousaf

    Did you receive the skins ?

  • Saadi

    sir http://www.dexpel.com doing a far better job.

    Dexpel.com – Online Shop for
    PSP, Door, iphone, Laptop Skins

    Laptop Skins @ only 299rs
    PSP @ 399rs
    Door skins @ 3k

    I just ordered 2 and its unbelievable quality.
    I also ordered a PSP skin and its the BEST.


  • Check the link below they are giving laptop skins in just Rs.300 included shiping charges in whole paksitan.


  • iSNAQ

    Send us your photographs and we will edit it for you( for free) for laptop skin.

    Each Laptop Skin wether customed or selected from the gallary will cost:

    Within Pakistan: Rs.500/=(including shippment also)

    Overseas Customers: $7.00/=
    (excluding shippment charges)
    join us at facebook

  • Suleman

    i tried isanq .and they were good. I mailed them my picture and they came up with good printing. Got my skin after 4 days.
    Moreover, they just charged 500 only. And i requested that i don;t have any account so they came to my house and dropped it.

  • Ateeb

    Guys Dexpel.com giving a far better service

    Laptop Skin @ 300rs only
    and free shipping all over pakistan.

    Plus there skin is of very very good quality and by far the best printing I have seen in the market

    There web site

  • Tahir

    Guys just got 2 laptop skins from http://dexpel.com and the are amazing.

    in only 300rs they are delivering at home :)

  • Max

    guys skins from lahoreonline are damaging ppls laptops.

    see this


    I bought from http://www.dexpel.com and they have a much better quality.

  • Ayaz

    How much time they take to deliver the laptop skin

  • I really like a lot of them !!!Great work.

  • qazi


    can any one tell me the machine name, i want to buy the machine, is there any seller who are selling the machine

  • khwaja

    Hi I’d like to order a mate black skin for my laptop. I’m using a lenovo y580… The thing is that would the skin fit perfectly on the screen case and the sides the keyboard?