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Watch PTV Classic Dramas Online

By  | 16, Dec 2009 | 16 Comments

Are you one of those PTV Classic Dramas’ lover? And you end up with no option to watch them, as you are too busy to buy a CD or DVD, or maybe because DVDs of those Classic PTV hits are not available anymore…! is a treat for you in this case. This website has got plenty of PTV Dramas’ collection, and hopefully the base will increase with time.

All Dramas are divided in pasts, what we used to call them Qist, or episodes. On left, you see a list of the TV dramas available on this site, after you click on a drama title, you will be presented with all the episodes plus a new section will appear in the sidebar with a list of all the episodes/parts of the current drama.

Don’t expect HD quality, but still quality is considerable and above it its watchable.

Following is a glimpse of what Pakistanica  has got

This is the website: Pakistanica.Com

PTV Drama Watch PTV Classic Dramas Online

PTV Drama 01 Watch PTV Classic Dramas Online

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  • Akram Khan

    Aamir bhai , time and again , professionals has suggested to do proof reading before publishing , it gives a lame expression of ProPakistani , Please don’t let others make pointing these mistakes..

    Line 4
    Not PTA Its PTV
    This website has got plenty of PTA Dramas’ collection, and hopefully the base will increase with time.

    • Aamir Attaa

      Akram thanks for mentioning – actually we write often about PTA and not about PTV, so it was slip of finger, pardon!

      • Anonymous

        Someone very well said, once i read in a comment that Amir Attaa has explanation for everything. He justifies with reply instead of acceptng his own mistake.

        • ali

          hallo janab ptv drama kaghaz ke phool tu up lod kar de plees yar

      • fs

        salam amazing website! please please please can you post Khaleej?

  • Faizan Chaudhry

    I’d Keally Appericiate if someone can upload Drama, “Dilli Kay Baankay”, Directed By Khalil Ul Rehman Qamar….n Starring Babar Ali n Others..


    Good Post..!!!

    For new TV dramas you could Log on to:

  • VidPK

    A lot of Pakistani Dramas could be watched here:


  • Bakhtawar

    I am looking for ptv drama Alif Noon, if anyone plz tell from where to watch or download it, i will be very thankfull.

  • hamayunkhan

    i am interest the pakistani commercial drama and films

  • assad

    i am looking for ptv drama serial, mera naam mangoo hai. can any body e mail me or upload for view

    • fimam

      Dear Assad,

      Have you got it tu please me also need this

  • Marcus Nitz

    It´s sad that todays process movies missing the glamour movies had in early days. Although it´s fun to possess ultra advanced , I the class that movies were hind then

  • Watch All Episodes Online

    Great video , thanks admin :)

  • imtiaz A mirza

    performer i have seen in life but shahnaz shaikh

  • Mubasher Hussain

    aslam o alekum
    I am searching a short drama which was on-air during election transmission of PTV but still i found nothing about that drama on net, on CD shop etc. So please tell me how can i find that if possible. I want to watch this drama completely. It does not matter that it will in CD, DVD, DV, VHS or any other format. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks

    Title: Sheeda Tali
    Cast: Ali Ejaz