Dec 16, 2009


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  • Akram Khan

    Aamir bhai , time and again , professionals has suggested to do proof reading before publishing , it gives a lame expression of ProPakistani , Please don’t let others make pointing these mistakes..

    Line 4
    Not PTA Its PTV
    This website has got plenty of PTA Dramas’ collection, and hopefully the base will increase with time.

    • Aamir Attaa

      Akram thanks for mentioning – actually we write often about PTA and not about PTV, so it was slip of finger, pardon!

      • Anonymous

        Someone very well said, once i read in a comment that Amir Attaa has explanation for everything. He justifies with reply instead of acceptng his own mistake.

        • ali

          hallo janab ptv drama kaghaz ke phool tu up lod kar de plees yar

      • fs

        salam amazing website! please please please can you post Khaleej?

  • Faizan Chaudhry

    I’d Keally Appericiate if someone can upload Drama, “Dilli Kay Baankay”, Directed By Khalil Ul Rehman Qamar….n Starring Babar Ali n Others..


    Good Post..!!!

    For new TV dramas you could Log on to:

  • VidPK

    A lot of Pakistani Dramas could be watched here:


  • Bakhtawar

    I am looking for ptv drama Alif Noon, if anyone plz tell from where to watch or download it, i will be very thankfull.

  • hamayunkhan

    i am interest the pakistani commercial drama and films

  • assad

    i am looking for ptv drama serial, mera naam mangoo hai. can any body e mail me or upload for view

    • fimam

      Dear Assad,

      Have you got it tu please me also need this

  • Marcus Nitz

    It´s sad that todays process movies missing the glamour movies had in early days. Although it´s fun to possess ultra advanced , I the class that movies were hind then

  • Watch All Episodes Online

    Great video , thanks admin :)

  • imtiaz A mirza

    performer i have seen in life but shahnaz shaikh

  • Mubasher Hussain

    aslam o alekum
    I am searching a short drama which was on-air during election transmission of PTV but still i found nothing about that drama on net, on CD shop etc. So please tell me how can i find that if possible. I want to watch this drama completely. It does not matter that it will in CD, DVD, DV, VHS or any other format. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks

    Title: Sheeda Tali
    Cast: Ali Ejaz

    [email protected]