• Proxy sites can be useful at times. I don’t see the logic of blocking those.

  • bohat acha howa proxy sites should be blocked.

  • toll free no.

    thats a nice advancement..!

  • hello


    is not blocked yet

  • You Want Us To Report About This Proxy Site To PTA.

  • Rez

    Most of these websites are Proxy websites which are used to bypass the filter, glad to know they are banned as well.

  • Rez

    Lol Kashif, that is my site, funny you mentioned it!

    • are you blocking facebook on orkut.pk

      • Rez

        I did not even know whether my site is being used for FB or anything, it doesn’t have too much of traffic any ways, but i guess it is banned now as some one has reported it out!

  • Rez

    Oee, don’t report hxxp://orkut.pk!

  • I just report to PTA about this Website.

  • I will Report about it.
    BTW You Can Report There to for Such type of proxy webs.

  • Rez

    @sman Butt: What part of “Don’t report” did you not understand?

    • What Did You Say?

      • Rez

        Learn to read and stop spamming the comment box with your useless urls!

  • Muhammad Qaiser Abbas

    Good effort by PTA, we all must appreciate PTA’s performance in this whole matter

  • Usman Saeed

    I see a long list of _____ above praising the PTA for its dirty work, only time shall tell that it was all part of a Govt. excuse to divert attention from the real issues. In the meanwhile internet and internet culture in Pakistan is going through its darkest times!

    [Comment Edited]

  • Hina

    Bhaiyo..mujhay to lagta hay ye koe saazish hay pakistanio k khilaaf… aur dosray muslim countries main kun NAHI laga ban facebook,youtube… youtube to ek achi web site thi agar positive view se dekha jaye to… google ki sites per bhi kuch wrong cheezain hay is ka mutlab ye thori k pora internet bund kerdia jaye…

    • I think YouTube was becoming a threat for our politicians, with all kind of “zardari sahab sharam karo” and “zardari _____” videos being uploaded by aam awaam.

      Same might be the case with FB. People are missing the fact that Parvez Musharraf happens to be the most successful campaigner on FB, so our politicians ofcourse wanted FB banned as well.

      Maybe we’r missing the bigger picture.. or maybe its just me.

      Anyhow.. YouTube ka dukh hai :/ TV tha mera!

      [Comment Edited]

      • shussain

        i agree!
        zardarism zinda bd !!!!!
        same old tricks……….———-
        these people cannot change

      • Muhammad Iqbal

        I Agree with you, Imran Khan is also one of the uprising politician representing young people (FB users)and he has successfully compained on FB to aware and unite young blood.

        The time has come we should not ignore the tricky and nasty politics other wise our next generation will not forgive us as we have forgiven our forefathers and accepted Pakistan + Corruption.

    • i agree with ur comment

  • @ Hina
    You r right hum har chese per ban ny laga saktey lakin ess ka matlab ya b ny k log jo chahey marzi karey.

  • loog abhi tak puranay khayaal rakhtay hain shayed

    ager ______ ko koi bura bhala kahay tou shayed hi koi bardasht karay

    ya tou humaray nabi ki toheen ki jarahi hai kaisay koi bardasht karta hai meri samajh say bahir hai

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  • Hina

    Acha maan lia..chalain phir aap loag telenor ko bhe bund kerwadain kun k wo bhi denmark ki hay..khana peena bhi chordain 85 percent cheezain jewish banatay hay jo pakistan main khai jati hay…coke,pepsi pe bhi ban laga dain…bulkay burka pehna dain apni behno ko itna hi hay to.. facebook saudia,uae,iran aur other countries main kun nahi ban hua ?? waha pehlay hona chahiye tha… agar sub kuch bund hogaya pakistan main to yakeen janiyay hum loag kabhi taraki nahi kersaktay…

    • Bilal

      Allah humaray leaders ko Himmat day to telenor wagera bhi block ho jaye gi.
      Saudia, UAE, iran aur other countries main pehle kiuon block honi chahiye thee… aisa kahan likha hai k pehle woh block karaingay phir hum. Babul Islam hum hain woh log nahi.
      wesay Iran, China, Gulf main facebook already blocked hai.
      Aur ager Nabi (s.a.w) ki gustakhi ker k tarakki kerni hai to mujhay nahi chahiye aisi tarakki

  • Hina

    facebook achi cheez thi hum loag to bohot achi terha use kertay thay.. baaz loag misuse kertay hay to is ka mutlab ye hua k bund kerday aisi cheezain absolutely not… is waqt facebook kehi ban nahi hay sivaye pakistan k.. farmville was also a great time pas which thousands uses to spend time on facebook.. Awaam se ye huq to na cheeno k wo kuch acha waqt bhi na guzar sakay after facing so much crises in the country.

    • eAhmadNowaz

      Hinna, aap jaisy Log ye q nhe samjaty k IS MA QASOOR Facebook ka bi hay, bar bar ap logon ko ek cheez samjani phr rhi hay..REPORTS k bawjood, inhoo nay page ko down q nhe kia? jab kay Holocaust wala page to 20 minute badh hi delete ho jata hai? Facebook ki itnay taraf dar ho to IS SAWAL KA JOWAB DO kay Holocaust to DELETE hogaya automatically but DRAW ________ DAY q nahe? Mai manta hoon kay Facebook ko BLOCK kar daina koi SOLID solution nhe, but ye ek acha initiative zaroor hay.. Allah nay himmat di to inshaAllah hum aor steps lain gay…

      Bottom Line, HUMAIN NABI SAWW say bhar kar kuch bi nhe, even Parents bi nhe.

      • shah

        Tum shayad nahe janete jis net per aur jis computer aur jo pehane howe ho wo sub un ka bana hai jin ko tum itna kuch keh rahai hoo. Phale sub Muslman mil kar kuch aisa kuch karo phir yeh karo ge tu bahter hai ok

    • corrrrrrrrrrrccccccccccccccct

  • anila aslam

    Why banning everything?

    banning wont stop the drawers but actually increase the drawers number & in Pak we will not know who is doing what against us or for us in other parts of the world.

    my brother launched a small company through facebook & he was getting clients from it….

    now see how our government trashed his income…

    Na bijli, na pani, na gas, na ata, na cheeni, aur ab na hi koi cyber world…

    Banning is not the solution, Making a civil right case in USA is the only solution…they remove anti-politician & pro-holocaust stuff…because people in USA can goto to court if facebook offends masses in such way…

    But all we Muslim did was made “CLOSE Down Draw Day Page” …. such web pages wont make a difference only Contacting USA Court Does!!!!

  • Hina

    Facebook aur youtube nahi khula to yakeen janiye kitnay logo ka rozgar khatam hojayega pakistan main..pehlay to loag apnay cable net aur dsl services hi nikal daingay..just like this many points will arises.

    • eAhmadNowaz

      yup, Allah par yakeen rahoo, us kay haan DAIR ho sakti hay ANDHAIR nhe, ALLAH blessings’re beyond boundries:).. Logon ko daroo mat, Islamic history paro or dekhoo ka Mulamanoo na ALLAH/ISLAM/NABI SAWW kay liye kia kia qurbaniyan di hain… logo ko mayoos karna chor do…

  • fuse

    hina baji tu naraz ho gai han :( (BE KOOL)

    PTA should ban TWITTER & FACEBOOK forever like China did.
    And Pakistan should make its on SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE.
    And believe me its going to be massive…….

    • Ali

      yar china ki bat mat ap kero ham un se apne ap ko compare nai ker skte. china ne pehle apni awam ko wo sab jo google or FB wghera provide kerte ha un jese substitute dene ke bad band kia ha.

  • Ali Asghar

    Mobile users can still browse facebook through a third party Application, becoz that app uses a United Kingdom ip or proxy, if these urls are blocked, there are many ways to access them, so its upto us, we shouldn’t use these sites who are keen to talk and making activities against Islam, even if these weren’t blocked, go to myspace, hi5, friendskorner etc, but never these sites like facebook whose bloody bunch of admins and their servants forgets their own T.O.S when its violance happends against Islam, they really kick you hard if you’ll say/do a little bit of bad thing about their religion, thats what their religion teaches those f*****g bunch of peoples, Now Saad Mustafa is a big big proof. Complete bycott.

  • anila aslam

    Why banning everything?

    banning wont stop the drawers but actually increase the drawers number & in Pak we will not know who is doing what against us or for us in other parts of the world.

    my brother launched a small company through facebook & he was getting clients from it….

    now see how our government trashed his income…

    Na bijli, na pani, na gas, na ata, na cheeni, aur ab na hi koi cyber world…

    Banning is not the solution, Making a civil right case in USA is the only solution…they remove anti-politician & pro-holocaust stuff…because people in USA can goto to court if facebook offends masses in such way…

    But all we Muslim did was made “CLOSE Down Draw Day Page” …. such web pages wont make a difference only Contacting USA Court Does!!!!

  • taha

    dosto main nay suna hay k aab tak facebook khul raha hay through some webs is thats legal ?

  • Hina ji, Saudi,UAE,IRAN en sub ne Facebook ko bAnn kiya huwa hay, and 2nd thing China ne takrebun har bahar ki chez ban kiya huwa hay even in networks and in websites, china ne facebook,Youtube,Orkut,Tweter, etc etc sub bAn kiya huwa hay, ye sub kuch Ban hoNe se wo log marr tho nahe gaye na ? Yahan b aisa hoNa chahiye tUb he pakistan tarakki karega

    • Rez

      That is a totally different matter, China is manipulative and hides its internal and political matters. China’s sole reason to restrict FB and other sites is to keep their people in dark, they don’t have democracy in China!

    • dude china mein log kuttay bhi khatay hain.i wonder if that adds something to your TAB HE PAKISTAN TARAKKI KEREGA !
      jis banday ney kharab hona hota hai woh band ghar mein bhi ho sakta hai kisi 3rd party ki zarorat nahi hoti.yeh sab hamaray apnay haath mein hai !

  • Yahan pe aik larki ne b akar aisa nahe kaha k im suporting bAn oN faCebook………..strange :)

  • zaki

    Facebook is a bad site n should be banned till pakistan winning the t20 worldcup again.rite?

  • Zaki, Yeah Yu Ar Rite

  • Kashif

    Guys i dont see the point of blocking all these websites even facebook, its like we are running from the battlefield…. we should have stayed!….if they can tease us about our religion then why cant we tease them about stuff like holocaust ?…. someone even did that but facebook took down the page immediately, well why not make another one? they dont cost you money do they? keep doing it again and again…or maybe have “PISS ON USA FLAG DAY” lol (sorry for being a racist) …but yes everyone would print usa flag and piss on it post the videos lol…. would be fun to see them pissed…Ye to unke liye hum asaani ker rahe hein unko jo cheez pakistan se dur rekhni hogi wahan per wo yehi kam kareingay and we will have to block those sites, someone said “KUCH MOUQAY AISE HOTE HEIN JAHAN GHAIRATMANDI KI JAGHA AKALMANDI SE KAM LEYA JATA HAY” wake up people….!!!!

    • Ali

      yar mere khial me ham esa krengai to bat brehgi or wese bhi ISLAM ne hme dosro ke mazahib ko bura bhla kehne se mana kia hua ha

  • banning won’t stop anything & it certainly do not affect anyone.if they think those websites were something deleterious then they should have banned all the porn sites as well ! That should be the root step,

    [Comment Edited]

    • afzal

      humza saying right….


    PTA ye kaam to boht teek keya hai FACEBOOK aur yotub ko band kar deya hai q ke us main humre peyare nabi ke toheen ki hai.
    ab pakistan ki govt ko ye karna ho ga ke js ne ye kaam keya hai us ko poori dunyan ke samne la kar saza dena cheye ta ke dunyan ko pata chale ke muslaman ka eyman ketna paka hai muslmano jago aapna eyman ko jago
    PTA ko ye karna ho youtub se un video ko delet kar dinaur websait ko open ka din

  • Ali


    Miss Hina i think you are forgetting that Pakistan ko Islam ka Qila kaha jata he…It’s the only Muslim atomic power in the world. Do not down-grade Pakistanies. And yes you should also not compare Pakistan to UAE or other. Nobody knows which country is a better muslims country or not. Allah knows only. Other muslim countries are not protesting against this kind of sacrilege. Only country to take stand against these activities is Pakistan.

    If you want to play games than there are so many games out there available online, you can also play “Second Life” which is very popular game than farmville. So many other games are available on CDs. If you want to make friends you can join Hi5 and other social networking sites. Just invite them over those networks by importing your contacts. It’s not something which takes too much time. What’s so special in Facebook? Why you want to encourage those who ridicule our Prophet (P.B.U.H)?

    Why i am saying this is that Facebook DID TAKE DOWN A PAGE WHICH WAS AGAINST JEWS AND HOLOCAUST WITHIN 20 MINUTES. If a specific page was taken down by facebook because it was hurting jews sentiments then why can’t they take down that page which is hurting muslims? so many blogs were also taken down by authorities because they were against jews. aapko pata he k cartoon mockery k liye banaye jate hain..jis ko dekh ker log hanste hain aur mazak urate hain…cartoon banana koi izat barhanay k zumray main nahi aata..

    So can you bear down this kind of discrimination by facebook? Just to make friends and play games?

    I think we need to make a choice here and set priority. Play games or …..

  • Muslims continue to fall to newer lows without realizing it, with Pakistan leading the way. We have Mullah’s protesting Facebook when most of them dont even use the internet, let alone Facebook. When I hear people praising such actions of the government, I can only think of how far we have strayed from the epitome of human society that we once held.
    Our actions no longer coherent with expected results or outcome. Just knee jerk reactions of a dying carcass. Sad day indeed, and I fear from what I see that we’ll have plenty coming. I pray I’m wrong.

  • Tariq

    Friends… site block karne se kya hua, asal issue to pir b exist kar raha ha.

  • rumpus

    this ban has nothing to do with islam or blasphemy. the sooner everyone understands this the better. this is about controlling the flow of information. all the people out there protesting does a single one of them even have a fb account? this is taking pakistan back to the stone ages and killing free thought.

  • Azhar

    ban facebook & youtube… Aesi sab websites ban honi chahey Pakistan main …jis pay Students & dosray log ja kay apna time Zaya kartay hain… SMS Packages & Late night call packages bi ban honay chahey…. Jis Channel pay daikho..sms package advertaisment… sick kar dea hai in sab cheezon nay Pakistan ko…

    I appreciate PTA for doing all this & in future also

  • qureshy

    can someone tell me if myspace has also been blocked,because it is not opening?

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  • Facebook is taking us to stone age with a false privacy and terms and conditions as one can not even delete accounts and there are many flaws and its not freedom of expression its taking us to stone age you are talking about …
    For us religion and Pakistan comes first.

  • Taha

    Yaar phit telenor,pepsi,coke and many other jewish items bund honay chahiye Pakistan main.. Aur pent shirt k bajaye shalwar kameez aur burka pehnao jub itna hi hay to theek kaha hina baji nay..

  • Taha

    Nabi se itna pyaar hay to telenor,pepsi,coke aur bohot c aisi jewish cheezo pe bhi ban lagna chahiye.. Pent shirt ki jagha shalwar kameez aur burka pehna chahiye.. Nabi se mohabbat k liye namaz bhi pherni chahiye 5 waqt ki..

    • eAhmadNowaz

      Acha agr kuch burra kam phaly hi ho rha hay, to kia baqi tamam burry kamo ki bi ijazat honi chahiye??? Pepsi, telenor etc sab bnd hona chiye, i agree, but ye kia Logic hoi k agr wo bnd nhe to Facebook (jis na NABI SAWW ki toheen karnay ma barpoor kardar ada ki)bi na bnd ho…

      Jewish products banning is another matter
      Facebook blockage is another case..

      try to understand

  • AOA,

    Buhat acha hoa ke facebook block ho gae. per sirf chand website ban karne se Hazoor ki mohabbat zahir nahi hoti. Hona to yeh chahye tha ke hum sb loog US, UN or Eroupy Union ke courts main Toheen-e-Risalat ki petition dair kartay takay koi Khabees har dafa Musalmano ke jazbaat se na khail sakay. je se ke Yahoodiyon ki Holocast ke baray main baat karna jurm hay, balkay sirf Hazoor hi nahi sb Nabiyon or Sahabah Akram or Buzurdanedeen ke baray main bhi koi ghalat baat karay US, UN or EU or all Arabic Umma, in ke khilaf baat karnay par pabandi lagae or saza kari se kari rakhain.

    Ik or baat jo mujhe herat ziada kar gae hay wo yeh hay ke jb proxy servers ko bhi block lag sakta hay to pronography ki sites jo ke through out the pakistan available hain on per bhi block lagna chahye. Yeh bhi ik sochi samjhi sazish ho sakti hay hamaray nujawano ko kharab karne ke. Sawal yeh hay ke pronography sites band karwane ke liye bhi koi na koi long march karna paray ga phir ja kar kiya Govt in pron sites pe ban lagae gi???

  • Moddi

    Wait, did u just said proxies are banned? thats funny, cuz i can still access just any site *mrgreen*

  • faisal khokhar

    i requst PTA to block all uncencered web sites, to protect owr new genaration.

    • Hammad

      nice thinking Faisal :)

  • This Facebook group is not accessible from India as well


  • anonymous

    guys guys guys stop how many of know how to open blocked sites ! without use of any proxy ? tip for you all there was an article about this long ago enjoy.

  • umar

    acha hua facebook band kar di laKIN YOU TUBE BAND KARNE KA KYA LOGIC HA

  • Imran Haider

    Websites band honay say kuch faida na hua hai aor na hi ho ga is liye government of Pakistan aor PTA ko foran yeh ban khatam kar daina chahie

  • amir

    yes i also heared that news

  • amir

    facebook ko bund hi rahna chahyah

  • Ali

    Yar FB ko to ban kerna bohat hi achie bat ha or mene abhi aik yahoo pe new pari ha jis me aik hmare jese ne comment kia jis per sare angreaz tot pare or kuch comment parne ke bad mene fta ft page bnd ker dia kio ke mujh se bardasht nai ho ska pta nai yar itna galt kuch uno ne ISLAM ke bare me likha tha or her admi 9/11 ke wakie ko leke ISLAM per kuch na kuch bol rha tha. lakin yar youtube ko ban kerna theak nai ha unke bas wo url ban kerte jin per kuch esa tha kio ke wo kafi info site ha or hmare officials ki achie ahie harkat ki videos bhi thi shaid is lia ban hua ha wo.
    ap logo se aik sawal ha PTA ko ap log itna acha keh rai ha to ap aik bat btai ke why not PTA ban the nude content sites? kia wo hmare lia ban kerna theak nai ha? kia PTA officials un sites ko khud istimal kerte ha islia nai ban hoti ?
    China ka uper her aik ne refrance dia lakin kisi ne yeh nai likha ke esi sites waha pe bhi ban ha or sites ko istimal kerta hua koi pkra jai to 5 saal saza or China ne pehle unka subtitute dia ha phir ban kia ha. zara ghor kre i think its a complete propaganda.

    • Ali

      Me thora sa add ker rha hu koi galat na smjh le china ne jis sites ka substitute dia unme FB or google wghera shamil ha

  • Asad

    check 3 websites from the list, one not found, second restricted and http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/912904201.htmlis still working.

  • Ace4908

    Agar khud mein itna dam hai to khud facebook pe mat jao, lekin do not take away the freedom of speech and information. This is whats wrong with our country and obviously it portrays a wrong image anywhere. Leave the choice to the people. Ek taraf GEO band kardiya tha and there was a huge hue and cry. Aur aaj Facebook, youtube, etc band kardiye to hamari public pagal hai jo ab bolti naheen. The right to decide should be with the people of pakistan

  • Ace4908

    Another think to think about: hum jaise munafiq shayad is duniya mein aur kaheen naheen. Ek taraf hum ek doosre ka haq maarte hain, aur doosri taraf fatwe de te hin. Please. Why hasnt facebook been shutdown in any other country of the world? Grow up and look at the bigger picture. Protest karna hai to karo, itna emaan hai to khud mat jao, lekin masla hi yehi hai ke hum log khud itne kamzor hain ke hum apna raasta khud naheen chun sakte.
    Power to the people.

  • Ace4908

    Hahaha and what about all the damn porn site available? Why dont you shut them down you morons! Nangi larkiya dekhne mein maza aata hai aur is bata pe facebook band karte ho?


  • rabi

    i am a girl n i m saying dat facebook shud b banned permanently not only in pak but in every islamic country.Muhammad s.a.w ki izat p jan b kurban

  • Zohaib

    Yar ye opera maini software kyun block kya gya he?is me to koi reason nhe he

  • Muhammad

    In The Name Of Allah

    The whole world and the things in it and between are useless if a Muslim is silent on his Prophet ( S-A-W) insult (naazubillah), don’t Muslims sacrifices for their Prophet (S A W) by avoiding facebook and such like sites, how shame on us, May Allah give us Emaan and love to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S-A-W) who was the Imam of all Prophets (amin)

  • iqbal

    Govt must put ban on all porn web sites like china and sri lanka. as our young generation is going to be spoiled by these pages.

  • djhassoo
  • Thumbs up for PTA

  • Monster

    The List you provided
    i check just one proxy website…
    i was shocked that
    That Proxy web is working and i also watch youtube on that proxyweb….

  • Irfan

    I think its really stupid the PTA id blocking proxy sites. They can never block all the proxies out there so they blocked the search term ‘proxy’ on google so no one can find a proxy but anyone with little knowledge of computers can bypass these restriction. I found a proxy site in just 30 sec and it was not blocked.

    There are millions of search engines out there and the word ‘proxy’ cannot be restricted on all of them.

  • nabeel

    youtube.com is working in aga khan university why pta not blocked it ?

  • Arshad


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  • why it is not working dang flab its!!!
    i want this website properly working otherwise no body knows what i can do.fuck u who ever did this to this website……

  • http://www.myplaywin4.com
    agar ye web band na ki gai to pakistan barbad ho jay ga

  • Please block this site in Pakistan


    I’ve nothing to say
    just want this site to be blocked by PTA immediately
    Thanks and JazzakAllah

  • ha ha ha pakis fear about islams blasphemous becoz they know that islam will demonished within this centuary from all world.

  • Sohail Khan

    demonish se shaed tumhara matlab hai k finish ho jaye ga (kyon k demonish k name se koi word nahi hai english mein)
    to dear aisi bat nahi hai k hmein islaam k finish honay ka khatra hai
    tum logon ko muslims ki baton ka yakeen tab he aye ga jab musibat tumharay sar per aa chuki hogi
    tab tum kaho gey k han muslims sahi kehtay thay per us wakt tak bohat dair ho chuki hogi

    jab hum ksi k religeon ka mazak nahi bnatay hain to humen iss baat se bohat takleef hoti hai k koi Allah ya uss k Rasool PBUH ka mazak bnaye
    n jo aisa krtay hain un k sath bohat bura hota aya hai aur wo bakion k liay ibarat ka nishan bntay hain lekin insaan aisa zalim hai k baaz nahi ata hai

    n dear ye koi hansnay wali baat nahi thi jo tum ne apnay msg mein “hahahahaha” likha hai

  • Imran

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  • Pasha

    I should be very thankful for PTA to block proxy sites, please continue your action for the blocking of said type sites to save our future.

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  • yah dear http://sitepk.comlu.com is also now unblocked now:)

  • javed

    ager PTA ney is country se porn ko jarh se ukharana hai to sab se pehley social sites and dating sites block karna hoon gi.
    porn sites to block kar di hain aur facebook aur dusri dating sites kiyun nahin block ki pakistan mein.
    facebook ko sab se pehley band hoona chaiey tha
    jahnaper hamaray piyaary nabi (pbuh) ke barey mein glata alfaaz istamal huwey.
    facebook waloon se kiya dosti hai PTA ki.
    sarey gunnah ki jarh social sites hain and dating sites
    khaas kar facebook
    block kiya jaiey isey

  • Adnan Ansari

    Acha Hua K Po*n Sites band hogai

  • mohsin

    adult contents on facebook, youtube and other side must be ban not whole websites, filtration must be implemented, we are the muslim country, and in KSA youtube and facebook are opened but adult contents are blocked. good step and must be implemented.

  • Khan

    I can Provide you a HUGE list of Sites That Are Doing Propaganda against PROPHET MUHAMMAD and Also Can Provide a Huge List of +18 Websties and Also Proxies through Which People Get Access to Blocked Sites.

    First of All Government Should Block all those Proxies which are Providing Free access to Block Sites, So to save their efforts they should first Block Proxies then after Block other sites they want.

    But Blocking All Those Sites OR Setting a Filter will Really Effect Speed of Internet.

  • This should not be done. There should be freedom. I’m against of this situation.

    • faliq khudadost

      lets suppose ur sister or mom pic come over internet and some one with the help of photo shop made it look like porn girl … more over if she is celebrity .. will u still call it freedom …….if u will ,,,,,, then u are retarded ……. waht about ur ganesh i mean gunpati baapa or any religious god…… if muslim by photo shop made gunpati paapa look like porn hunk would u digest … if u would u are sick person u need to go to rehab ……my point is bro there is a limit on every thing ..u cant do any thing in the name of freedom of expression……… when u through slur over american by saying them white trash they call it racial .plz mind ur language dont say that . when u say something about gay ism and lesbianism should be ban they say u are being intolerant …..and being extremist … so dont say that … when it comes to our beloved prophet peace be upon him . we love him more then anyone else in the world … freedom of expression …. … where the hell is freedom of expression when we call them white trash or WHITEY… they say its wrong

  • Jamshaid Farooq

    i am a regular use of net.
    I appreciate ON all sites blocked by P.T.A (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN).
    it is a best step to defeet the islam enemies.
    all other sites witch contains the data not allowed to watch in islam should by also block to top periority basis.
    this way we can save our young generation to handle in evils hands.

  • dear frnds,

    maine sab sites visit kari hain ismain se koi b site block nae hua aur sabon per islam k against kafi ghalat posting hue hai pehle in sites ko block karen then aisi news den…………….admin


    this is a good step well done PTA

  • Omar

    sari baatain apni jaga mager koi ye bataye ga k in blocked website ko view kernay ka koi to tareeqa hoga – please share if anyone know how to bypass PTA filters.

  • 1234

    many links still alive :S

  • kkkk

    Block website or Porn site agar kisi ko dekni ho tu (hotspot) download karlo

  • Syed Abbas Ali Shah

    why PTA is not taking action against Pirated songs websites providing Pakistani – indian – english songs pirated – its a big loss to the companies which have copyrites from these all music lables – PTA should block these websites also