• Someone in his blog explains this partnership as

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    • I think its true. Nokia with S40, Symbian and Meego will gain more market share. No one like windows phone. Even when it was launched it lost 1.7 market share. Symbian and MeeGo are much better than windows phone.

      • funkymonk

        Symbian is better than windows !!! u must be joking ..
        symbian is better than windows 6.5 ..
        but windows 7 for mobile is reasonably good OS .. written from scratch by MS .. far better than symbian ..
        symbian is so 1990s OS ..

        have you ever personally tried it ? or you are against windows because of pakistani mentality to be against every successful entity ?

        reviews aside I have personally used symbian, windows 6.5 and 7, android and iOS ..
        windows 7 does lack in some features + apps compared android but it is far more stable than android .. like iOS
        symbian is not even in the competition ..

  • Copied from http://press.nokia.com/2011/04/21/nokia-and-microsoft-sign-definitive-agreement-ahead-of-schedule (without mentioning the source).
    Being posted on FRIDAY 22nd April, it still says: “Nokia and Microsoft today announced”, albeit this PR was dated 21 april i.e YESTERDAY!

    • Rameez Kakakhel

      Isn’t a Press Release ‘Open’ to the press?

      • Shahid Saleem

        Instead of guessing and assuming, why not READ their site policy?


        The use of press releases and other documents classified as public is permitted in public communications if the source for the information has been stated.

        It is pretty standard. Other places:


        Permission to use Documents (such as white papers, press releases, datasheets and FAQs) from the Services is granted, provided that (1) the below copyright notice appears in all copies and that both the copyright notice and this permission notice appear, (2) use of such Documents from the Services is for informational and non-commercial or personal use only and will not be copied or posted on any network computer or broadcast in any media, and (3) no modifications of any Documents are made.

        Lastly, please familiarize yourself with the Berne Convention: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berne_Convention_for_the_Protection_of_Literary_and_Artistic_Works

        Pakistan is a signatory, and has been since 1948. What does it mean? ANYTHING YOU PUBLISH IS AUTOMATICALLY COPYRIGHTED unless you declare it to be in the public domain. ALL WEB CONTENT comes under the Berne Convention, which is why if you look closely at many terms of service pages on websites of large companies, they explicityly explain what you can and cannot do with their content.

        • Rameez Kakakhel

          “Instead of guessing and assuming, why not READ their site policy?”
          Tho phir tum kya karo ga?

          • Shahid Saleem

            You are acting like Sore Loser. I corrected your misconceptions and taught you (and others) in the process. And your reply?

            You may have an education, but not where it matters.

    • As far as i know, link back or mentioning source is not mandatory for PR’s.

      • Shahid Saleem

        What a strange thing to say! Did you, Ahsan Javed write the above? It says “By Ahsan Javed” so it implies that you did. But you just copied all the content from elsewhere.

        I have never seen any RELIABLE or REPUTABLE place where PR is copied without attribution. Unless maybe in local newspapers.

        • Surely, this is why we people are lagging. Purpose of things are taken somehow differently.

          Anyhow. Linkback added. :-)

          • Shahid Saleem

            Dont avoid the issue. Just few weeks ago people were complaining about Telenors ads on plagiarism. Well guess what – copying like you did is another form of plagiarism. Even if grades are not involved.

            Even if you tried to rewrite in your own words it would be better because then you would also exercise your creative right side brain.

  • Shahid Saleem

    “Nokia smartphones unit is in a death-spiral. It will go from making most of Nokia’s profits, to loss-making by Q2.”