May 10, 2012

  • talha rafiq

    I am also facing the slow browsing issue on my Qubee since today morning

  • Ace

    That’s the same issue always happens to PIE network! Cant we have any reliable alternate?

    Users and web based services have survived.

  • O_o

    Now Its Is fixed

  • http://www.isharearena.com M.Aswad Mehatb

    Now i don’t know it was my Qubee or this cable issue ..:P

  • http://www.ghumfree.pk Buy and Sell In Pakistan

    Yes i did face same issue. Is it fixed now?

  • Yasir

    Cable was fixed at 17:09 PST.

  • Irfan

    My internet speed is fine since this morning. Shouldn’t a cable cut affect everyone?

  • Naveed Hasan

    @yasir please tell the source.

    you tube pause buffering not working please tell the solution if anyone knows.

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  • Suhaib Malik

    It is now restored, I received an update email from my service provider that the cable has been restored and now fully operational.

  • Suhaib Malik

    @Naveed, yes it is fixed now.

  • Monster

    Duniya ka wo kon sa wahid shakhs hai jo two Casts rakhta hai ?

    • Anonymous

      Balawal Bhutto Zardari :)

      • http://www.venturebees.com issac

        hahaha best example

  • Kamran

    it’s pathetic we dont have a backup

    • http://www,tw1.com Anas Zahid Anis

      Pakistan already have an alternate route. Connecting Pakistan to the rest. :)

      Transworld Associates
      Orascom Telecom Limited.

  • Wajdaan

    is it fixed or not? i am having issues here. as i run a web hosting business my clients are really trying to piss me off :(

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    Great post. Thanks a lot.