• I think these are old packages, Nothing new.

    Last year when i bought evo, same packages with same rates were mentioned in their package page.

    Yes,only 256K package was not mentioned, but this package was introduce 3month ago :O

  • abdul

    No sir before 1GB= 799 and now 5GB=799 RS. It is very good offer.

  • exiting offer good but signel problem we have in chaman city signel is very low.

  • farhan

    yeh to week phalay ayee hain pakages

  • Asim

    But still, their service sucks big time. I’ve used EVO in ISB/Lahore in parallel with Qubee and to be honest they are way behind than Qubee in providing seamless data rate… EVO is only good for sending and receiving email these days, and ofcourse EVO has the advantage of coverage.

    I use Qubee at home for downloading and streaming etc and use EVO when on the move for Emails only.

    The same is the case with EVO in Peshawar too, keeping in mind, you’ve got to have a separate EVO to use in Peshawar. Wateen is doing good there though.

    • I agree, In Peshawar their EVO service is at worst plus you will have to keep a separate EVO device.

  • alina

    @admin: its Rs 899/5gb, plz check website

    • admin

      they ve updated it now. let me change in the post too.

      • Yes they updated,,,Till I posted there was this amount 799.

  • Muhammad Anas

    What happened to the Time based packages ????

  • wow nice packags

  • Uzair

    also update that they have increased charges of Student package from 1250 to 1500.
    And first time charges from 3250 to 4500.

  • ali jaan

    day pass per 1 GB fair usage ka kya chakkar hai bhai?can we only have 1 GB for whole day????

  • Muhammad Anas

    Why is my previous comments is still awaiting moderation???

    If we calculate these packages then we see:

    GO 899/5GB
    i.e 180/GB

    But if we calculate what will 1GB after 5GB volume will cost then we see:

    0.10/MB 10/100MB 100/1000MB

    i.e about 105/GB

    Isn`t it feels ugly that one GB in capped volume is higher in price that exceed GB usage.

  • Asad

    EVO day pass is now useless.

    1GB For 24 hours. After 1 gb speed decreases to 153kbs

    If you again load Rs 100 within the same 24 hours it wont get you full speed until completion of 24 hours.

  • adil

    you are very right day pass package is useless. i boycott evo now evo succkksssssssssssss

  • Naeem Shahzad

    plz inform me
    evo ka baqi data malool krne ka triqa

  • Naeem Shahzad

    helo koi hai

  • kashia

    hi i am kashia meri usb koi le ga 3000 ki mujhe paiso ki zrorat h plzz ager chahye to plzz contect me fb id kashia naaz