New Packages for PTCL EVO

In a latest move PTCL has come up with new EVO volume based packages starting from 799 per month.

Off course the prices are very attractive but don’t get too excited because the volume limits are much disappointing, as the 799/month package is only offering you 1GB volume per month. PTCL on one hand offering prepaid packages with 30 days validity & speeds up to 3.1 Mbps and on other hand the volume cap is only 1GB, a normal user can exceed this limit within 2 hours or less.Full packages and their details are as follows:

So if you are light user, and consumes EVO while only on the go, there are good reasons to use it for low priced packages now.

On other hands, with increasing EVO subscriber base, quality remains a concern for broadband (business) users.


  • If you exceed your subscribed volume quota, additional usage will be charged on per MB basis.
  • Utilized data volume will not be carried forward to the next month.

  • junaid

    yaar it is still very expensive eg for go lite per GB 1.5*1024= rs 1536 .1200+1536= RS2736/-

    • mje aik evo usb chahiye 799 student wala packge mje urgent chahiye plz Help me plz
      main abi to qubee shatle device use kr raha hon mgr speed boht slow hai aur bar bar disconnect ho jata hai plz call me my contacts nUmbr is

      • ali maaz

        EVO USB PURCHASE ONLY; 3500 (NEW)for karachi
        Get EVO 3G’ nitro and wi-fi USB wireless device purchase us we will give you give free home delivery and concession ,new device and latest model and color you will be first owner.
        Company rate; 4000 with concession; 3500
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      • Muhammad Irfan Tahir

        For Rs: 1199 Per Month* PTCL EVO Student Package* Unlimited Download Volume*

        PTCL EVO 3G 3.1Mbps Brand New Device Price = RS: 2400
        (For Rawalpindi and Islamabad)
        RS: 400 Additional charges for delivery to other Major cities of Pakistan. (Total RS: 2800 for other cities)

        Contact: +923215206370 or +923065206370

        Now on “PTCL EVO 3.1Mbps 3G Device”, PTCL has offered a reasonable package of RS: 1199 per month with unlimited download volume*. This package is especially for students but the whole population can use it. There is no restriction about it. Whether, you are student or not, you can avail this package.

        To get your Internet Student Package* today,
        Contact: +923215206370 or +923065206370

        PTCL EVO 3G 3.1Mbps Brand New Device Price = RS: 2400
        (For Rawalpindi and Islamabad)
        RS: 400 Additional charges for delivery to other Major cities of Pakistan. (Total RS: 2800 for other cities)

        Contact: +923215206370 or +923065206370

        Or email us at

        [email protected]

        Special Note:
        Our internet provision services are for positive use of internet, primarily for the youth to learn and to come close to Islam and Islamic Values.

        * Internet browsing bandwidth 256Kbps.

        • AHMAD


  • haseeb

    Its not .. Bcz Students live in Hostel need that Type of Wireless service.. But its gunno Runied us with hugh prices..
    Wateen Grt then


    ya its too much stupid offer……….. but anyone can tell me that torrents work on evo i heard from someone that they didnt work

    • Muhammad Haris

      Torrents work excellent on it. I am using USB Evo since April, 2009 and its working great so far by grace of Allah.

      GEO PTCL Evo….


      • what is your average speed on torrent downloads?

        • Muhammad Haris

          Well it varies from torrent to torrent, average I gets around 1.5 mbps D/load and average 1 mbps U/load


          • 3.1Mbps = 384KBps. thats the maximum possible transfer rate.
            you’re getting 1.5Mbps = 187KBps thats half the theoretical speed.

            Mbps is Megabit per second.
            KBps is KiloByte per second.
            conversion from Mbps to KBps is to divide by 8.

            • khalid

              yar kya umeed hai k evo ka packag ssta ho jay ga

            • for your info Mr 1mb = 1024kb,
              and the maximum average speed on torrent is 100 kbps.

          • dont lie yar. i cant upload a 1mb file on mediafire. im trying to for about a hour. but each time it gives me failure error. now what should we do with ptcl ???????

            • I went and talked to PTVL rep and he said you get 85KBps on average. I don’t know how some people are getting around 180KBps.

              • Khan

                agr costly hai to ptcl ki coverage to hai na, ye b to benifit hai. i also used wateen, worldcall, etc. bt i think evo z best.

          • tic

            don’t speak lie. i m using also from april 2009 since i cant get 1 mb speed download its 45-60 kBps
            upload 10 KBps just rubbish.

      • m riaz khan

        it is good thing for our daily life,

  • it sux 1gb is nothin for a normal user who download songs softwares etc..

  • Hassan

    Wateen rock also warid in mobile

    • Taimur Khan

      What is the cost of devise???

  • Mohammed Talha

    Public ko bewaquf samajh ker rakha hai kya????

  • Haroon

    hahaha…….. 1GB for 799 is that was a JOKE!!!
    PTCL its 21 century c’mon.

    • yasir

      Hahaha ,

      u r right

      but who will educate the ____ at the top slot of the ptcl

      they still think that rest of pakistan is still a phool

      Their minds are still in the same old era of the hogemony of the landline numbers before the mobile phones become common

      [Comment Edited]

      • Haroon

        True… Do u know even Zong is offering 2 GB for only 200 PKR…
        Its better to go for Mobile internet then PTCL EVO.

        • Nouman

          Yup agree with you.. zong package looking better as compare to this one..

        • where are get this zong package and at what speed. 2GB of edge network is a disaster.

        • bawar khan

          yes i am using zong mobile internet. 15 rupees per hour and also 5 rupees per hour. speed is great coz i watch youtube on mobile and its working great and awesome. the speed is awesome and even i downloads songs n the downloading speed is also gud. zong rocks. man that ptcl usb is so expensive cant afford it. i will recomend qubee internet which is giving gud pakages n speed. ptcl walay loot rehey hein han public ko.

          • hi, yes i agree, with you, one day i use net on phone and called through net and it was great in voice quality. now pls share net usage rates of all providers, thanks

    • MM.Afzal

      ha ha ha…..main b aap ki baaat se agree karta hu ye package to bilkul locha sa hai BOLAY TOH aik dam KHALLAS……main b shuru shuru mein sun k pagal ho gaya k 799 mein 3mbps speed lekin jab details mein gaya toh pata chala k bohat bara or ghatiya farad hai…..that’s all ur honour.bye

  • Hassan

    Pakistan’s telecoms market will have to consolidate before the government would be able to even consider a planned push into third-generation technology, according to the head of the country’s only European operator.

    Telenor, the Norwegian telecoms group, said there was not enough profit per phone user to justify having five mobile groups in Pakistan and operators would have to consider mergers or acquisitions to see significant growth.

    In depth: Telecoms – Mar-15C&W arm eyes Asian expansion after listing – Mar-08“Most markets are [divided between] three players. Three seems a very good number. Five is too many,” Jon Eddy Abdullah, Telenor Pakistan’s chief executive, said in an interview with the Financial Times.

    Telenor entered Pakistan exactly five years ago and is the largest mobile phone operator after Mobilink, a subsidiary of Egypt’s Orascom Telecom. Pakistan’s other operators are Ufone, Warid Telecom and Zong.

    Mr Abdullah refused to comment on speculation that Telenor would seek to buy out one of its smaller competitors in Pakistan. However, he conceded that consolidation would “drive every shareholder to talk to everyone else”.

    Pakistan is part of a broader expansion by Telenor across central and southern Asia, including operations in India, Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh. Asia accounted for 26 per cent of revenues in 2008, with the rest coming from eastern and central Europe and the Nordic region.

    Much of Telenor’s recent focus has been on its 67.3 per cent investment in an Indian group, Unitech Wireless. But the group also sees big potential in Pakistan, where there has been a phenomenal increase in the number of mobile phone users during the past decade.

    According to statistics compiled by the Pakistan Telecom Authority, the main telecom regulator, there are about 95m subscribers out of a population of 180m. Mobile phone services are available across 90 per cent of the country.

    However, almost 98 per cent of users have pre-paid service plans and industry analysts say operators survive because of the strength of low-expenditure users.

    “On average, Pakistan’s mainstream user does not spend more than $10 per month,” said an official at the telecoms regulator. Mr Abdullah said Pakistani consumers were being offered a “very good tariff” but that was as much of an incentive as consumers were going to get.

    The Pakistan government has said it is committed to moving from 2G to 3G mobile phone technology although it is yet to outline a timeframe. Mr Abdullah said the government would need to offer existing operators incentives to move towards 3G.

    Telenor has invested $2bn in Pakistan since it arrived, but Mr Abdullah said a move to 3G needed to be thought through. “The question comes to basics. We spent $290m on a 2G licence in 2004. We are years away from recouping that investment.”

    Telenor recently bought a majority stake in Tameer, a Pakistani microfinance bank, a move that has allowed Telenor’s subscribers to pay utility bills using their phones. Mr Abdullah said the initiative would bring a widely valued service to ordinary consumers in a country where paying electricity and gas bills often involves standing in queues at bank counters.

  • Anees

    Torrents rocks

  • junaid

    @ haseeb
    yarr its better to buy worldcalls evo thats 256kbps and unlimited downloadin


    Dear Readers,
    I enjoy being reading all of your comments as well as the main post. I think we must wait and see what would they do now with their packages. I don’t think if they have this concept outlined above in somebody’s reply; They just need some time to establish their system to the whole country. thus, they are not offering good amount of internet via wireless because of their copasity. And I must say, waiting has always been turned to a wonderful gift. Who knows after some time, they would be offering good packages, in the same rates like they did with the cable broadband. Thank you.

  • Terrorist

    Okie dokie lets see…

    1GB for 800Rs
    2GB for 1200Rs
    5GB for 1500Rs

    OMG where am I living?, and WTF were they thinking? lmao

    FAIL *lol*

  • Nadzjam

    Very stupid offer. cmon ptcl…. grow up budy!!!

  • Jez

    So much expensive! 1GB for 799/= I think PTCL should allow something special for it users

  • Jawad

    Totaly Failed :))

    What a freak they are

  • qasim


  • usman

    Yaar ,

    Ptcl is all fraud , not only they play the hovac with thier internal customer but also to the customer who is not the directly ptcl employee ,

    So leave it and go for some other option


    the best option is :

    Get rid of the fraudluent top management and let the privitization of ptcl be reversed so that there can be some check upon the persons .

  • Saqib

    Agree with Qasim.

  • Tanveer Akhtar

    PTCL Customer Support is Really Poor.

    • Ali

      totally agree. PTCL customer services suck

  • Sabir Mustafa

    PTCL still thinks that it is 80s or 90s era when people were not much learned and informed. I can’t understand which non-seriou man is behind their business strategy. Wateen is giving 5 GB 512 within Rs.820.
    I thnik PTCL should behave like a mature company.

  • usman

    ptcl is still behaving with not only its customers in such a regiculus way but alos with its employees as if it is some stone age today and the bonded labour and slavery is the sommon trend

    But it has not matured itself regarding it attitide both towards teh employees and customers.

    Both the employees and customer are unhappy wtih the ptcl.

  • de3

    ackages are more cheaper now. I think for people who have low usage can easily afford these packages. me myself being a student can actually think of buying this device since i use laptop and have to travel different places . Also ive heard PCMCIA device price has went down to 999. So in total i just have to pay a lumsum amount of 799+999=1600. i think its the most economical and convenient broadband solution available in our country.

    • Ali

      no i think anyone can easily exceed the 1GB limit

  • !! Saad Ahmed !!

    This Offer Is Failed.

  • GH

    Worldcall is best, offers unlimited downloading with high speed at very economical rates.

  • Hungama

    ya kya ha ptcl mazaq kar raha ha???
    ;) wateen going best in wireless net….

  • xain khan

    too cheap……
    you know what i mean :P

  • K Ahmed

    I applied for PTCL landline, got a call from relevant exchange for installation but then they never showed up, i called them, met relevant person many times but he kept on promising. I talked with SDO, wrote emails to DE phones but of no use. Waiting for it from last 3 months.

    I wrote to PTA, but still no action from PTCL, though PTA complaint cell forwarded my complaint to PTCL.

    Can someone guide me how to wrote to Etisalat Management ? I tried to find email address but didnt get any yet.

    Can someone guide please.

    Note: Sorry for this as it is off-topic.

  • sub ka Ali Bhai


    See people….

    This is the worst package i ever read from any company in Pakistan lol.

    I use wateen 5gb/512kbps and it is very reliable. I changed city and brought it with me. xD
    anyways.. this ptcl offer is NOT for me.

    Bhala kon ullu ka patha 1MB ke lea 2Rs dega?

    INFO: Agar Wateen ki 5gb,10gb, bandwidth khatk hojaye to ye charges hotay hain:
    !!!!!!!!!! 25Rs per each 100MB !!!!!!!!!!!

    ab batao hai na Wateen sub kabap xD

    kam az kam is ghatiya package se behtar hai :P

    Pakistan Zindabad!
    Wateen Zindabad!

  • sub ka Ali Bhai

    sorry for double post…

    I am waiting like hell for Wateen to release its Unlimited thingy in ALL PACKAGES!!

    Agar ye hogaya to PTCL ka kam kharab ho jayega xD

  • Imran

    I am experiancing very low speed problem using EVO. Does anyone experiancing the same?

  • Muhammad Haris

    @MySchizoBuddy: Yea, I know the conversion dear… thats what I gets on average :)

    But since last 24 hours, speed is much degraded …its working like a DIAL UP…. :(


  • Asif Anwar

    Very stupid offer. cmon ptcl…. grow up budy

  • Abbas

    Hey Guys, Does any one know about any wireless broadband service being offered in Mianwali area? Thanks in advance.

  • Khalid Ahmed

    If Wateen or Wi-Tribe lower their rates by 25% & Wi-tribe offer unlimited packages, it will knock PTCL EVO out.

    • ptcl evo is totally useless. i bought it just for my blog but its totally useless. even i cant upload a file.

  • yasir

    DEar All,

    i m ptcl employee and it is so disgusting and shameful to tell all of you that the ptcl did not offer the EVO package free of cost to its employees then what to talk of the other people .

    Actually , we are still confused about the Arabs attitude that what they are for here . More than ffive years have passed and still the Goof Mmanagemement of Etisalat is unaware of the ground realities.

    Still it is not clear whether the Arabs are here in pakistan to do the telecom buisiness after the fraudulent take over of ptcl ?

    So there is no reliability or trust of ptcl.

    I being the employee of ptcl tell all of you , If u r not satisfied with ptcl then throw away ptcl from ur homes. I m telling u this to get rid of ptcl services upon being unsatisfied because of what the EVP HR Mr Tahir Mushtaq used to speak to the ptcl employees.
    Tahir Mushtaq , who is now in Afghanistan with Ismail Taha , came to ptcl employees and catagorically told them to leave the the job of pptcl if the engineers find the salary too little, PTCL is least concernd about who is doing job or not .
    Well this was the statement of Tahir mushtaq for the engineers to leave ptcl if the engineers find it inadequate to meet the inflation and high price of living.
    So in the back ground of this statement , i m writting to all the users and customers and the people of pakistan to relinquish the ptcl products if they find it unsatisfactory.

  • ptcl evo sucks. they claim that they will give you about 300 to 500 kb download speed but here in quetta im getting only 40 to 60 kb download speed. and even sometimes its too slow that it cant open a single website. its now about an hour that im trying to upload a file to mediafire to publish it on my blog but still no luck. its too slow. even ufone internet service. its not fast but it can give you constant speed of 20 to 30 kb/s.

    • Muhammad Haris

      In Quetta, PTCL is not offering PTCL EVDO so net would work on network of VPTCL with average speed of 100 to 150 kbps (kilo bits per second)


      • Muhammad Haris

        I just checked at their site

        they are offering PTCL Evo in couple of cities now including Quetta thats gud. but as you mentioned you not getting good speed over there thats really sad.

        I am using it in karachi n its really rocking …. n my average usage is 120 GB per month;)


        • siddique

          NOW GET Ptcl unlimited package in 1250 monthly with unlimited downloading
          contact 0303-6570025

          • Ejaz

            Dear Brother siddique,

            I want to purchase the PTCL Evo usb with monthly package 1250/month with unlimited downloading.

            Ejaz Maqsood

  • Gohar ali

    now a days Privte isp is very low less ur internet rate.

  • Bushra

    Hey i want go for Evo PCMCA CARD for my laptop, is it working fine ??

    Any suggestion ?

    • yasir

      Yes Mis Bushra ,

      It is working fine . It works in the same way as the EVO of USB works .

      The problem with PCMCa card was the slot physically supporting the PCMCA card is not avaialable in the loaptops of nowadays . In old laptops such slots were avialable to support the PCMCA card .

      If u laptop has the physical interface support for the PCMCA card , then u must be comfortable with it .

      Enjoy ur net and have a the best time Bushra .

      • Bushra

        Thanks Yasir… well i vil go for it.. i hope it works

    • If your laptop can use usb then go for usb, so you can use it on other computers as well. PCMICA is ancient technology.

      • Bushra

        yeh.. but i dont want to take a risk of USB Rs 4000..
        yeh zara sasta kam hai… wht sey ?

  • Alam

    Thanks for your comments. I was going to lose my money on this usb thing. I’ll go for wateen

  • Muhammad Junaid

    its very expensive offer we have other alternates like world call usb. bcaz world call usb also works out side the city but it doesnt work like that.

  • Mansoor

    Hi All, I want to buy a usb base net connection for my usage please advise me on your experience base what should I buy. I want good speed and low rate. Thanks all of you in advance for your help. Have nice weekend

  • Usman

    On contrary I do not agree with you. I believe that EVO is the Best available option amongst all competitors… I have used EVO and I admire its services

  • ADV

    haha.. bloody bastards.. think they cn fool who knows wats goin on… ptcl is the ugliest and the dumbest service provider in pakistan….
    screw u ptcl authorities…
    they alwayx over charge for their ghatiya service..



  • Mazhar

    yar agar koi evo discounted rate par sale karna chahta hay to is no pay call karay 0323-4482928 thanks,

  • Aamir Khan

    Hey guys.this offer is very expensive.
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz give me website for free movies downloading .plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    Aamir from peshwer.

  • Haroon

    I agree to all of u guys ptcl really sucks i am a student and using a student package of 1mb but a month before i asked ptcl to convert my connection to 4mb
    now a month and a half has passed and im still getting the same 1mb speed and ptcl is charging me 4mb package
    did so many complains went to ptcl exchange so many times but all in vain
    now im thinking to throw away this crappy modem of theres out of my home
    hahaha shame on u ptcl

    • sumbul

      @ haroon u r rite same case here.. complaint alot but thy alwaz gv a rebutle.. thy thnk we r fools

  • yasir

    Dear Haroon sahab ,

    PTCL top management are very shameless stubborn , idiots.
    they have no remorse of any kind if any thing unpleasant happens with nay one .

    The top mangement are there to enjoy the perks and privilegedes.

    They are niether concerned with the employees well being nor with the customer care .

    So it is better to give up the use of the ptcl product .

    i knopw the arabs ease loving people well.
    i m ptcl employee and their cunning and crook attitude was best observed in the recent strikes over which no body came to help the striking people.

    Because our media , govt, army, oposition and govt machinery cannot go agaisnt the Etisalat .
    BNecause the Kahba of the top brass is not Maccca, It is Dubai .

  • waseem

    ap log unlimited kay liay 1000rs kar day

  • sadiq

    When will evo launccch in swat?????

  • shah jee

    evo very good USB but my veo speed 199Kbs

  • zahid virk

    evo pakages rate is costy

  • zahid virk

    evo pakages is very costly rate

  • Kamran

    Evo USB IS VERY EXPENSIVE FOR UNLIMITED PACKAGE. Hope very soon you offer us its new packages for increase of usb demand. If its unlimited package 1500/ month than it is best than others.

  • Kamran

    Sir one question how can change its package i want go on unlimited package but 1236 is not good service where we can change package. Can you make this service good? It is very important thing if some one want change package and want use and have not time for wait. It is also problem in Evo service.

  • mrdon

    It will be good if they offer 10gb for 1499Rs.

  • khattak

    How to download youtube videos;

    I am giong to tell you veeeeery simple method of downloading videos from youtube and also from any website like metacafe,my space,face book.means any video from any website and interesting thing is that all of it will be done automatically without pressing a single key or copying codes.
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    After downloading and installing it will be automatically fitted into your internet browser and will download any video you open automatically.see your downloading videos process by clicking on (Save video) button in your browser which will be available after installing.Enjoy

  • EJazee

    Wah je Wah !!!
    Evo Wirless Kuch to Khuda ka Khof krooo
    Daikho na ab har mulk main wirless net buhat heee ziada sasta ho chuka hai par pakistan main to ye khany peeny aur lootny ky leay he lage huwe hain
    evoo walo ku zardari wala hath rakha huwa hai
    aryyy koi acha sa pakage introduce krwao ryyyyy
    tumhara he sahi wirlessss nnett hahahahahahhahaahahah
    ghor zaroor krna evvvvvvvv
    mehngeooN LOt mar krn waleo

  • Abdul Qadir

    I needed Evo usb plz call me 03335971006

    • Afaq Tayyab

      i need evo usb with student pakage plz contact me on 03122311382 urjently…

  • moonalpha

    is it a joke??????
    1GB for 800Rs
    2GB for 1200Rs
    5GB for 1500Rs
    ptcl fail…

  • Mubashir

    Yar i am using wateen in 1498 with 1mb. and have an offer to get evo in 1000rs with unlimited dowloading and 3.1mb speed.What u say?





  • tahir

    ptcl sa bori koi company nahi ho sakti, 2 roz tak meri device active ni thy phir device stuck ho rahi thy

    operators are not co-operative aur ab browsing nahi ho rahi jub ka signal ki koi problem nahi hay PTCL chor hay chor hay chor hay chor hay agar mai return be kerwo toa mujhe 4k after 1 month cheque aye ga jo pata nahi aye be ya nahi phir woai kub cash ho ga khuda janay ya PTCL janay. package charges ki rakam toa alag sa waste ho gi hay.

    PTCL CHOR HAY buy at ur own risk

  • Kiran Zahid

    All packages are lil bit better than Wi-Tribe buhhh can’t you make it possible that unlimited package will be charged Rs. 1200 or Rs. 1500 by the user?

  • fire

    can i use evo sim on 3g mobile to use only internet

  • Bilal Bari

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  • Zaheer


    GET EVO USB only in RS. 3200



    CONTACT @ 0345-5835549

  • hi,

    what is the procedure of evo employees package, how to get this package, means device free, monthly 1000.

    any available details about it, please share

  • shiekh hassan

    hi guyz any body wants evo ptcl device then contact us evo device in cheap rates available only (HERE)
    for further information contact us
    We DeSiGnE yOuR dReAmS

  • muhammad bakhsh

    kia main evo ko evo nitro main change ker sakta hu

  • muhammad bakhsh

    kia main evo ko evo nitro main change ker sakta hu mujhay batain my contact no 03215537576

  • awsraain

    I agreed with all

  • Hady

    ptcl evo is the worst service i have i have ever witnessed. All the staff is ill qualified. Most of them know nothing about the subject. Ptcl is a department full of uneducated,inefficient, irresponsible and careless personnel. Now i understood why ptcl suffer from losses every year…

  • muddassir mughal

    salam 2 all! kindly guide me about speed of evo wireless. i m going to buy it from my uni of 3.1 atRs1300 monthly??????????

  • m.nazir

    it s too much.

  • Agriman

    How to see, for the usage, I mean the volume of data we have downloaded ?

  • Sami

    This is extremely expensive connection…I bought Evo lite few months back…The device costs Rs. 4000/- and It gives only 50 hours in Rs. 1200/- and download speed was not good at all…What is an internet service for if you need to keep counting hours with low bandwidth???? Moreover the description of package wasn’t clear enough on the website. Had I know that I will have to pay 1200 rupees for only 50 hours slow connection, I wouldn’t have bought it….It was real depressing experience.

  • qaiser

    get evo in discount rate

  • qaiser

    dears all i m working 4 wateen and ptcl evo if u need service plz contect me 03445565509 from islamabad

  • irfan

    well. meri evo usb har 10 mint bad off ho jati h, disconect ho jati h automaticaly….!!
    if any one knows ka yh q hoti h aisa ??
    plz plz tell me

  • Majid

    EVO Is Very Bad It not working properly………..

  • mehwish

    yaar sahi batao evo kaisi hai

  • Zia

    Bohat he ghatiya package or service hay PTCL walo ke Allah karay ya company he band ho jay …

  • ali

    too much expensive ………………………….

  • soban

    awam ko bewaqooof bana raha hai ptcl.

  • Khalil

    Earlier there were some issue, but now working. I think customer support is the only issue with this service.

  • ali ahmad

    i ve listened about unlimited offer 3.1 mbps @ cost of 1000 only per month.
    this offer is only for government health sector officers with BPS 18 or above.
    if any body knows details, then kindly share it.

  • today is me ist day of using evo and i am sick of it because of speed

  • zia

    ptcl is a fraud.must be baned.
    i got unlimbited package.but most of the time no signals’
    claiming for speed upto 3.1mb most of the time speed is zero.
    i want to return device back bt how.
    please dont purchase is only fraud

  • i wana sale my evo device,with less price….. any one intrested … plzz contact me @ 0334-4417586, lahore. thnx

  • hugu

    in IIUI it works wonderful

  • ali maaz

    Get EVO 3G’ nitro and wi-fi USB wireless device purchase us we will give you give free home delivery and concession ,new device and latest model and color you will be first owner.
    Company rate; 4000 with concession; 3500
    Ptcl distributor
    Ali maaz
    0345-3338620 ([email protected])

  • If you are a heavy downloader and use desktop, then your first option is DSL, 2nd is PTCL EVO, both being unlimited.

    If you move around quite a lot with your laptop, your only option is PTCL EVO, since it has got coverage all around Pakistan.

    But Wateen, Witribe, world call and Qubee can give you good speed for limited packages. Make sure to test the connection at your location first, since coverage areas of these operators are limited.

    And about EVO packages being ridiculous as a few guys believe, anyone remembers what the mobile call rates were, when only Mobilink and Ufone existed??? Unless other operators challenge PTCL by expanding their networks, these packages will remain higher :-(

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