• nice to hear

  • Nothing restored. Faisalabad is still in slow or no speed during day time.

  • still having very slow speed only 25-30 kbs on 2mb dsl connection

  • hope it will be repaired on April 21st, 2013 .. but now i am just paying a bill without getting service from PTCL last 2 month … Don’t know what will happen ?

  • Guest147

    still getting 1 to 1.3mb speed on international servers using 4mb connection:(. thanks to PeeTeeCeeL

    • same here. Getting 10 to 30% speed of total during night time only. Zero browsing speed (unable to open any website) during day time.

      PTCL fibre lines are most effected in Faisalabad city.

      Copper lines have slow browsing but full downloading speed during day and night.