• Vicky

    “…mobile internet is the next big thing”???
    Are you serious?
    Quite an outdated article in terms of declaring mobile internet to be an emerging thing. If you step out of Pakistan, mobile internet is well past being the next big thing in other countries.
    I’m from England and here unlimited mobile internet is given with your mobile package without a significant additional cost (or sometimes no cost at all). That has been happening since the last 5-7 years or so.
    Rest of the Europe, the cost is a little higher, but it is very common.
    Same is the case with India – mobile internet is quite common there too.

  • Umair

    It is a positive sign that Pakistan is trying to catch up with rest of the world in terms of mobile internet.

    If you look at demographic figures then you would instantly find that country offers a huge market to internet providers with population of around 200 million.

    Mobile phone usage has already penetrated even in poorest areas of the country. People wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for internet usage. And once they get used to internet, they might actually be willing to pay more than a little.