Jan 9, 2014

  • Mohammad Mudassir

    Good luck Nokia selling this.

    • Saeed Akram

      This has been one of the most anticipated phablets from sometime hence brings a hefty price tag with it but have to say it’s a little too high. 60k would’ve been a reasonable place to start off with. It’s still lower than what they were asking for 1020 lol

      • Mohammad Mudassir

        Yes exactly who would get this instead of a iPhone 5s or any other monster Android king ex: Samsung Note 3 etc.
        They seriously need to reconsider their pricing policy to keep them alive knowing the fact that they already are loosing edge. Windows Phone OS is not just upto the mark.

  • Saeed Akram

    tu cheez bari he mast mast ;)

  • Imran Rafique

    This thing is beauty and the beast.

  • ikram

    Correction! It was not announced in 2012 though.